Meal Plans


Meal Plan Information:

  • Details about our policies can be found in the Student Handbook on page 50.
  • Meal plan eligibility is based on completed credits. Transfer credits count toward this eligibility.
  • Weekly Meal Plans begin with Breakfast on Monday and end with Dinner on Sunday.
  • Students who fail to select a meal plan by July 1st may be assigned the lowest meal plan they are eligible for.

Meal Plan Selection:

  • To select or change a meal plan, visit the Housing & Meal Plan Intent form and select "Meal Plan."
  • No declining meal plan changes can be made after the end of the first week of classes of each semester.
  • Students who fail to confirm their meal plans will be charged for the meal plan even if the plan is not utilized.
  • Students with medical needs can submit a Meal Plan Accommodation with Disability & Accessibility Services.
  • Students with significant financial hardship can fill out a Meal Plan Petition with University Housing.

Fall 2021 Updates:

  • GET Mobile App: Please see Bon Appetit staff, or this link, for additional information on our GET Mobile app. 
  • Dining Services: Dining service, including where and how it will be offered to students, is subject to the discretion of the University and is subject to modification to address public health concerns. Bon Appétit may limit the occupancy of the dining hall, limit the amount of time students may reside within the dining hall, or make other operational adjustments needed to address health and safety concerns. For more information, see our Dining Services plan.

Meal Plan Options

2021-2022 Meal Plan Options


Meal Plan

Eligible Students

Meal Count

Flex Points

Cost per Semester


Bruin Deluxe Plans


Weekly A

All students

19 meals per week 



Weekly B

All students

14 meals per week



Weekly C

All students

10 meals per week 





Bruin Select Plans


Block A

Students with 60 credits or more 112 Block meals (average 7 meals per week) $200 $1,800

Block B

Students with 60 credits or more 80 Block meals (average 5 meals per week) $275 $1,800

 Bruin Savings Plan

Block C

Students with 60 credits or more 30 Block meals (average 2 meals per week) $500 $800

Additional Meal Plan Options for Commuters and Graduates

Meal Plan Eligible Students Meal Count Flex Points Cost per Semester
Bruin Limited Plans Flex A Commuters and graduates 12 Block meals $200 $350
No Meal Plan Commuters and graduates N/A N/A N/A
Commuting students and graduate students may also select any meal plan from the above table.

Meal Plan Notes

*Flex Points are a declining balance on a student's ID card that may be used at our dining facilities on the Newberg campus: Canyon Commons Dining Hall and the Bridge Cafe. Flex points roll over from fall to spring, but are forfeited at the end of the spring semester.

**Block meals are a single meal, or "swipe," that can be used at any point during the semester for either a student or a guest to enter Canyon Commons. Students may renew these meal plans multiple times each semester by emailing University Housing at

***Bruin Deluxe Meal Plans come with up to 5 (five) guest meal passes a semester that may be used when a friend or family member accompanies a student to Canyon Commons. Note: Passes not available during Family Weekend.

Guests and Visitor Meal Information

 Individual Meal Prices for 2021-22 academic year 















Bon Appetit accepts both credit and debit payments upon entry.


Need to know the balance on your card?  A staff member at the Bridge Cafe or Canyon Commons can have a card reader give you the balance on your account.

For questions specific to our food service provider, Bon Appétit, please contact them directly:

Please contact University Housing if you have any questions regarding the meal plan policies: