Current Students

Housing Selection 101

  • Talk with your friends about living together
  • Pay $150 housing deposit to student accounts
  • Check your email for further instructions
  • Sign up as a group or individual for preferred areas
  • Get assigned location mid-April (Notification will come through email)
  • Have a great year!

More about Housing Selection

Housing Selection occurs annually in mid-March for returning students who plan to live on campus. Student should be aware of the following, as it outlines the selection process and steps that need to be taken prior to March 18, 2016.

  • In order to participate in Housing Selection, each student needs to pay a $150 Housing Deposit to Student Financial Services by March 17. Additional information about the deposit will be posted in The Daily Bruin and under the Housing Deposit section. 
  • Decide who you want to live with and where you want to live. The number of people in your group will determine which living areas you are eligible for.
    • Please refer to Housing Selection Options and How to Choose a Roommate as you consider these areas.
    • If there is a specific transfer student that you would like to live with, please email with the name of the incoming student. This person’s credits, however, will not count in your group’s total.
    • If a group is not large enough to fill their assigned location (i.e. three people in a four-person area), then the empty spot(s) will be designated for a new transfer, international or other returning student.
    • If you do not have a group you may sign up as an individual. Students who are not part of a group will be placed with others who have an opening in their living area.
  • The Housing Form will be active on-line from March 14 through March 18. The link to the form will be posted in The Daily Bruin and emailed to all students who have paid a housing deposit.
    • One person from each group will complete the Housing Form during this time. This will involve entering everyone’s housing code and ranking the group’s housing preferences. Housing codes can be found by logging into the on-line form.
  • Housing preferences will be collected and used to make placements beginning the Monday after spring break. Placements will be made as follows:
    • Groups will be ranked based on their average credits and placed according to availability of their preferred housing.
    • If a group’s preferred housing is not available they will be placed in the next available location as identified on their list of preferences.
    • Housing assignments will be posted through the Housing Form once all groups have been placed. Generally, this will happen on or before April 8.

Housing Accomodations

If a student needs to request a housing accommodation for medical or disability reasons, they should complete a Housing Accommodation Request. Forms are available in the student life office or under the Student Life Forms page. Requests should be submitted to student life by March 2 in order to be evaluated prior to housing selection.

Please stop by the student life office or email with questions.