Current Students

Housing Selection 101

  • Talk with your friends about living together
  • Pay $150 Housing Selection Fee (only applicable to students who haven't paid it previously)
  • Start your housing intent application
  • Choose your housing location during assigned timeslot (Timeslots will be e-mailed)
  • Receive housing assignment confirmation
  • Stay connected! View roommates and housing details on the status page of application

2019 Timeline

  • March 1: Housing Accommodation, Off-Campus Petitions, and Commute from Home Forms due
  • March 5: Housing Preview Night
  • March 8: $150 Housing Selection Fee due
  • March 8: Housing and Meal Plan Intent Individual applications started or Roommate Groups selected
  • March 8: Juniors and Seniors e-mailed timeslot (timeslots will be assigned in order of total accumulative credits)
  • March 11: Junior/Senior Selection Day
  • March 13-14: Sophomore Selection Days
  • Housing is confirmed

Housing Selection Process

Housing Selection occurs annually in March/April for returning students who plan to live on campus. All students need to fill out the application, even if living off-campus.

Step 1: Start Your Application

Housing Selection Application

Step 2: On- or Off-Campus Intent?

We need to know where you are planning on living next year. Fill out what you know. You can always come back and make edits to your form.

If you are not eligible due to age or semesters lived on campus to live off-campus you will not have an option to choose off-campus. If you have questions or want to submit a waiver you may contact If you change to off-campus after you have a confirmed housing placement you will be charged a $75 fine. After June 1 this fine goes up to $150.

Step 3: Select a Meal Plan

Note that you can you change your meal plan up until one week after the semester begins. After your current semester credits have been applied to your accumulative credit total (late May or early June), you will have more options available to you. Even after completing this form, you will be able to return to this page and change your meal plan selection at a later date. 

Step 4: Pay the Student Housing Selection Fee

This selection fee is $150 and guarantees you a spot in on-campus housing. You must pay this fee before you can accept or invite roommates. NOTE: This fee is only required if you haven't paid it in previous years.  If you are a junior or senior who has lived on campus before, you most likely will not need to pay this fee.

Step 5: Request Roommates (if desired)

There are two ways to search for/request roommates:

  1. Do you know who you want to live with? Search by their George Fox email address and invite each person you want to live with. They will each need to accept this request.
  2. Aren’t sure who you want to live with? Post on the Housing Facebook page (GFU Housing) with your interest in finding a roommate and see if anyone contacts you.

NOTE: Do not use the RA Roommate Group page unless you are joining an RA group you were assigned.

Step 6: Choose Your Housing Location During the Assigned Timeslot

  • Timeslots are assigned to students based on your individual accumulated credits and semesters lived on-campus. NOTE: This process has changed from previous years. We are no longer assigning timeslots based on a roommate groups average credits.
  • Timeslots will be e-mailed to students prior to selection week (March 11-14th)
  • During your assigned timeslot, one person from your group can go into the “Rooms” page in the Housing and Meal Plan Intent form to reserve a room/beds for your group members in on-campus apartments, houses, Brandt and Newlin Hall. NOTE: Your group size does not need to match the location size in order to select that living location. For example, your group of 3 may select a location that fits 4 people. However, that spot is available for another student to book.
  • If you do not have a group, you may still assign yourself to any available open spot once your timeslot opens.

Step 7: Individuals Fill Out an Application

  • If you choose the "I want University Housing to Assign me a Placement" option in your application, University Housing will assign individuals to open spots between April and mid-July. The timeframe can take a bit longer so that our office is able to find the best spot for you.

Step 8: Confirmation

Check the “Status” page in the Housing and Meal Plan Intent form to see if your room or off-campus status has been confirmed. If you would like to be added to a waitlist for a different on-campus location (aside from your assigned location), that will be available to you.

Please stop by the student life office or email with questions.