Housing for Incoming Students

Welcome to George Fox!

We’re so excited for you as you begin this adventure of living on campus! It’s in this setting you will make some of your best friends and create memories to last a lifetime.

Below are links to help you navigate the housing process.

Welcome Weekend

This is the big event that kicks off each academic year. Visit our Welcome Weekend site to get move-in instructions, an overview of what’s happening over these three days, and details on everything associated with joining the George Fox community.

Housing Resources

Have questions about meal plans, room rates, the early arrival policy, and what to bring to campus? Visit our Housing Resources and FAQ page to find links that lead you to each of these topics – as well as the forms you’ll need to apply to commute, change rooms, and more.


Always feel free to reach out to us at housing@georgefox.edu if you have any questions about moving in, residence hall options, where you’ll live, or anything related to you joining us!