Housing Selection Process for Incoming Students

two happy roommates

Housing selection occurs annually in May and June for incoming students who plan to live on campus. All students need to fill out the application, even if living off campus.

Here are more details on the application process and important dates to be aware of.

2023 Timeline

Jan. 15 Deposit deadline 1
Feb. 10 Housing and Meal Plan Intent Individual application opens
March 15 Deposit deadline 2
May 10 Roommate search opens
June 1 Incoming students emailed timeslot information
June 12-16 Room selection round 1 (students who met deposit deadline 1)
June 14-16 Room selection round 2 (students who met deposit deadline 2)
June 19-Aug. 1 All other student placements
  1. Start Your Application

  2. You can choose from one of two “Selection Tracks,” choose to select a room space and pick your own room, or elect for University Housing to assign you to a room. Please note that you can only choose to pick your own room if you made a deposit to George Fox before March 15.

  3. Do you know who you want to live with? Search by their George Fox email address and invite each person you want to live with. They will each need to accept this request in order to be paired together.

    Not sure who you want to live with? Search by different profile questions to find other students who match your lifestyle and interests. They will need to accept your request in order to be paired together.

  4. If you made a deposit with George Fox before March 15, you have the chance to select your own room! You will receive a timeslot for when you can log in and select a room for you and your roommate (if applicable).

    • Timeslots are assigned to students based on enrollment deposit date. The earlier you make your deposit, the sooner you will be able to select your housing!
    • Timeslots will be emailed to students prior to selection week in June.
    • During your assigned timeslot, one person from your group can go into the “Rooms” page in the Housing Intent Form to reserve a room/beds for your group members in on-campus dorms and suites.

      Note: Your group size does not need to match the location size in order to select that living location. For example, your group of two may select a location that fits four people. However, those spots are available for other students to select.
    • If you do not have a group, you may still assign yourself to any available open spot once your timeslot opens.
  5. Choose your Meal Plan for next year. If you have any transfer credits, additional meal plan options may be available to you.

  6. Check the “Application Status” page in the Housing Intent Form to see if your room has been confirmed. After housing selection, in late June, room reselection will be open, and any rooms still vacant will be open for you to select to move to.

Do you need more assistance? Email housing@georgefox.edu.