Update Personal Info

Address, Telephone, and Email Changes

  • Sign in to your MyGeorgeFox Student Homepage at my.georgefox.edu
  • Click on Profile
  • On the left, click Addresses
  • Click on the item that needs to be edited
  • Enter the correct information
  • Save any changes

Name Change

  • George Fox requires students to use their legal names in university data systems. This ensures that enrollment verifications, transcripts and diplomas, and financial documents all reflect the legal name for each student.
  • To make a change to your name, please follow these instructions.

Social Security Number Update or Correction

The social security number (SSN) is necessary for tax and loan reporting even though students are assigned a George Fox student identification number. If your SSN needs to be submitted or corrected, please do one of the following:

  • Bring in your original card to the registrar’s office
  • Mail or fax a copy of your card to the registrar’s office
  • Complete an IRS W-9 form http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf and submit it to Student Financial Services

It is important that the university has current contact information for all students who have an active account, outstanding balance or request university services.

If you were a student before George Fox University converted to PeopleSoft in the fall of 2008 or you have forgotten your password, please contact Institutional Technology @ 503-554-2569 to request account login access.

You may also contact Student Financial Services for assistance: 503-554-2300.