Billing Terms and Conditions

Financial Responsibility

By completing the Annual Financial Agreement process, the student accepts financial responsibility for all costs associated with his/her enrollment including late-payment penalties as detailed below. Students accept that if unpaid balances must be submitted to a collection agency, they are responsible for all costs incurred, including attorney and collection fees.

A student receiving financial aid must complete all necessary arrangements well in advance of enrollment. A student who is securing a loan that still may be pending at the start of the semester must have a letter of commitment from the lending financial institution or agency acceptable to the university. Account balances due to pending aid will be subject to late payment penalties so the the application process should be started early.


Payment Options

We accept in-person payment by check, cash and cashiers's check/money order. We also accept automatic debit payments (ACH), electronic checks, and some debit/credit cards online at A web processing fee is charged for debit/credit card payments. A $25 fee is charged for all types of payments returned due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc., and we reserve the right to restrict payment options for certain individuals. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Payment Plans and Due Dates

Traditional Undergraduate Students:

The portion of tuition and fees not covered by anticipated financial aid is due August 15 for fall semester and one week prior to the semester start for spring (unless enrolled in a payment plan). See for due dates. Students with employer sponsors or third party billing requests such as VA and Voc Rehab, please contact Student Accounts prior to the start of the semester to set up payment plans.

Graduate and Adult Degree Completion Students:

Tuition is due in full in relation to each course's session date (unless enrolled in a payment plan). See for due dates. Students with employer sponsors or third party billing requests such as VA and Voc Rehab, please contact Student Accounts prior to the start of the semester to set up payment plans.

Monthly Payment Plans:

Students may sign up to pay monthly by submitting an approved Payment Selection Form. Monthly payment plan amounts are subject to approval and are assessed a set up fee each semester. If the Monthly Payment Plan is selected, the student's eligible charges for each semester (unpaid tuition) will be split into four equal monthly installments, each due on the 15th of the month. When requesting a payment plan after the first "installment" is due, (August 15 fall semester, December 15 spring semester, April 15 graduate/ADP summer semester), the first payment is due immediately. Participating in a payment plan does not change the student's obligations for payment. All payment policies and impacts apply, including late fees and holds (see "Late Payment Penalties" below).

Every effort will be made to place students in an affordable plan. Generally, payment plans will not be approved in the following circumstances:

  • if it is determined that a student is unable to pay the scheduled amounts
  • more than 30 days past the start of the semester
  • non-U.S. resident students

When a plan is canceled, the balance on the account becomes immediately due and the setup fee is reversed.

Please note: Plan participation may be delayed or otherwise impacted when course enrollment is not finalized more than 30 days prior to the semester start or if financial aid is unable to disburse ten days prior to the semester's start date.


Late Payment Penalties

Late payment penalties include:
  • late payment fees equal to 1% per month (12% APR) calculated on the past-due balance
  • holds on registration and transcripts
    • transcript hold removal requires a bank clearance period of up to two weeks
  • payment plan cancellation
  • removal from classes

Outstanding student account balances may be reported to a national credit bureau.


Student Account Financial Status

Students may be required to prepay approved charges prior to registration. This requirement is typically, but not limited to, the result of account history, and is administered in addition to late payment penalties.



Monthly statements are sent to the student's George Fox email address. Up-to-date, 24-hour access to account information is available to the student at Students may assign online payment permissions to other parties by granting authorization online via (contact Student Accounts for more details).


Address and Telephone Changes

The student must update their contact information online via


Financial Aid

To retain anticipated financial aid, a student must be eligible at the end of the second week of the semester. After this point, awards still may be impacted by new resources, updates to the FAFSA, registration changes, and Satisfactory Academic Progress. (Exceptions apply for withdrawn students, students who cease to attend but do not formally withdraw, and students who withdraw due to circumstances beyond their control that result in a reduction of tuition charged.)


Excess Funds and Overpayments

Student Aid regulations limit what may be paid by federal funds. Unfortunately, this may result in a check being issued to the student even though a balance due remains on the account. Each semester, amounts paid in excess of allowable charges will be sent by check to the student. If the student wishes to apply these funds to "non-allowable costs" or semesters, he/she may endorse and return the check and it will be reapplied to the account as a personal payment. New charges in a semester that are assessed after excess funds have been released are due immediately and may not be carried forward into a future semester.


Medical Insurance

Generally, admitted degree-seeking full-time students (12 or more undergraduate credits per semester, 8 or more graduate credits per semester) are required to carry medical insurance. Policy questions may be answered online. Requests for confirmation of coverage should be directed to the Health and Counseling Services Center at 503-554-2340 after the start of the semester.


Room and Board

Students are responsible and accountable for housing and meal-plan charges on their bill. Students must check the status of their bill by Friday of the first week of the semester to allow sufficient time to resolve discrepancies. After that time, there may be no refunds and additional late fees may apply.


For questions about the following:
Charges/Fines Office to Contact Phone Number
Parking Campus Public Safety 503-554-2090
Room/Board Student Life 503-554-2310
Library Newberg (MLRC) 503-554-2410
Health Insurance Health Center 503-554-2340
Room Keys Plant Services 503-554-2057
Mailbox Keys Mail Services 503-554-2560

Course Reduction or Complete Withdraw

Policies addressing the financial impact to a student who reduces his/her course load or completely withdraws are detailed in the Removal of Institutional Charges policy. The policy is also available by request at the Student Accounts office. The student is responsible for understanding the policy prior to attendance.


Financial Holds

To register or retain pre-registration, a student must have his/her account paid in full or be current on a payment plan. Financial paperwork and satisfactory payment arrangements must be in place and adhered to. Regardless of payment plan or payment due dates, if a balance is owed the university will also withhold the student's academic transcript and diploma until all university bills have been paid.