Virtual Learning Center

Virtual Learning Center

The Virtual Learning Center (VLC) offers fully online one-on-one writing assistance and academic coaching free of charge to George Fox University graduate and Adult Degree Programs students. Please note that we are not an editing service.

Consultations are typically 50 minutes long, but you can also request asynchronous feedback. Get help with APA and Turabian formatting, brainstorming, thesis development, and more!

Schedule an Appointment

The best way to schedule an appointment is through TracCloud, the Virtual Learning Center’s online scheduling system.

Schedule Appointment with TracCloud

TracCloud is only available to current George Fox University students. If you are a student and are unable to access TracCloud OR are a George Fox University employee and desire the ability to schedule appointments, email for assistance.

  1. Log into to be taken to your Dashboard.
  2. To schedule an appointment go to Schedule an Appointment box and fill out the fields. Click Search.
  3. Choose the location that you want to use and when you would like an appointment. Click Search.
  4. When you see an open availability, you will notice the time of the appointment, the location, the date, what type of appointment it is (online, in person, or drop in, etc.), and the consultant's name.
  5. Choose the appointment that works best for you and click inside the appointment.
  6. The screen that will open asks you a few questions such as the duration of the appointment (25 or 50 minutes), whether it is in person or online (if that appointment has more than one option), whether you need a recurring weekly appointment, what you need help with during the session, etc. Once you are done answering the questions, click on Confirm.
  7. After you click on Confirm, you can upload documents or link to a Google doc to the appointment.
  8. Once you have uploaded your document, you can exit the screen by clicking on the Close button in the bottom right corner.
  9. You are done scheduling your appointment!
  1. To cancel an appointment, go to
  2. Find your appointment on your Dashboard.
  3. Click on the X in the upper right corner of that appointment box.
  4. Fill out the reason for the cancellation.


A student writing notes while sitting in front of computer

Can I make a longer appointment? Or multiple appointments per week?
No. Since we have a limited number of consultants, we allow one 50-minute appointment per week per student.

I'm an international student, English Language Learner, or student with accommodations. Can I have more than one visit as an exception?
Yes. Students who have accommodations or are ESL learners can make up to two 50-minute appointments per week. The student must email beforehand.

Can I use the VLC as an editing service for my dissertation?
No. However, you are encouraged to use our services for dissertation development in no more than one-chapter increments.



Watch video: Scheduling an Appointment with Penji