Research Teams

George Fox University, Doctor of Psychology Program, Research

PsyD students at George Fox become members of vertically integrated research teams that meet biweekly with professors. Teams consist of small groups of students from each year in the program. First-year students visit all research teams to observe and learn about the areas of research being undertaken.

In the second year, students commit to a team and engage in research under the direction of a faculty member. This research will culminate in completion and defense of a doctoral dissertation.

Research Vertical Team Description

The Research Vertical Team is the formal mechanism by which original empirical research efforts are formulated and guided. Therefore, dissertation research typically evolves in this manner. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in other individual or collaborative research efforts during their GDCP training. It is hoped that program graduates will value and possess the skills to generate and evaluate original research that will enrich and improve the field and their own clinical practice, as well as guide the policies of agencies with which they affiliate. To this end Vertical Research Teams exist, as well as a formal academic sequence involving statistical analysis, research design and research application (PSYD 511, 513, 513). The model was featured in a 1999 APA Monitor article.

Each student is required to attend a faculty-led research team meeting every other Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Research Vertical Teams (RVTs) are designed to involve students in collaborative research efforts with peers and a faculty mentor. RVTs serve to allow modeling of research by faculty as well as to expedite completion of the dissertation.

George Fox University, Doctor of Psychology Program

All students are expected to attend RVTs throughout their four years in the program. During the first year, students will rotate through each faculty member's RVT. During the second year, students select and join an RVT. To join an RVT, the student must receive approval from the faculty team leader and complete an RVT Membership Form. When a student formally joins an RVT, the faculty team leader will become the student's dissertation chair and the student will remain in that RVT. The faculty member will also become the student's faculty advisor. Attendance at RVT meetings is required and will be monitored by faculty.

Students may change RVTs by submitting a new RVT Membership Form to the director of research for approval. Such changes should be avoided whenever possible in order to minimize disruption to teams and the student's progress.

Faculty will meet each semester to discuss RVT progress and may assign, with student input, dissertation committee members for those students who are ready to begin formal work on their theses. Students should not independently seek committee members, but rather should work with their faculty chair (RVT leader) to recommend possible matches within the faculty. A Dissertation Committee Membership Form should be completed and be on file once committee membership is determined.

GDCP students are not permitted to independently submit research or scholarship for presentation at meetings or for publication until the material has been approved by the Director of Research.* This policy is intended to ensure that scholarly work from members of our student community is of high quality and in compliance with ethical standards.

*The director of research is responsible for administering the RVTs. All relevant RVT or research questions and concerns should be directed to the Director of Research.