MaryKate Morse - Research Bibliography

Published Books and Chapters

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Scholarly Publications – Peer Reviewed

“Group Spiritual Direction and a ‘Failure of Nerve,’” Evangelical Spiritual Direction Association ESDA Dialogue: Issue 37: Group Spiritual Direction, April, 2014.

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Professional Publications

“The Must-Know” Prayer for Women Leaders,  April 2, 2014

“What Does the Trinity Have to Do with Prayer?”, January 2014

“Prayer as Love Relationship with the Trinity” NWYM, July 2012

"I Am Stuck!" Fullfill, April 11, 2011

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A Quaker at the War College,” published in various venues Quaker Life (November 2004), Fox Journal (January, 2004), Northwest Christian News Northwest (March, 2005), and online at Barclay Café (September, 2004)

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Published Presentations

"Flourishing, not Fear: Why Aren't We Flourishing (Part I)", The Well, 04/09

"Flourishing, not Fear: The Gift of Power (Part II)", The Well, 05/09

"Flourishing, not Fear: The Gift of Love (Part III)", The Well, 06/09

"Flourishing, not Fear: The Gift of a Sound Mind (Part IV), The Well, 07/09

“Table-keeping with Christ” posted 09/05/06

“Celebrating Jesus’ Passion to Free Us: John 7 & 8” posted 08/01/06

“Christ at the Center: Formation and the Problem of Distraction” posted 02/24/05



Professional Conference (guest expert)

  • Featured Speaker, “After the anointing, comes the wilderness: Preparing for Renewal” (3 sessions),  Stoking the Fire Conference, May 13-15, 2016, Asheboro, North Carolina
  • Presenter, “Spiritual Mentoring Communities Training” 9 presentations, April 3-7, 2016, Karen, Kenya
  • Presenter, “Spiritual Mentoring Communities Training” 7 presentations, March 14-18, 2016, Bangalore, India
  • Platform speaker “Watch and Pray: One with Them,” and “The Story Table” (communion homily and institution), Seminar presenter “Leading Like Jesus,” and “Leading for the Long Haul,” panel “Women in the Academy,” December 26, 2015- January 1, 2016, Urbana15, St. Louis, Illinois 
  • Retreat speaker, “Be Still and Know that I am God: Prayers for Busy Women,” (5 sessions), Riversgate Church, November 6-8, 2015, Twin Rocks Friends Conference Center, Oregon 
  • Featured Speaker, “Emotional & Spiritual Capacity in the Emerging Leader,” 4 sessions, Vineyard Hub Training Program, September 12, 2015, Leicester, England
  • Plenary Speaker, “Evangelism Leadership Crisis” & “Multiplying Evangelists through Mentoring,”   Workshops “Becoming a Mentor,” Global Evangelists Forum, July 7-9, 2015, Eldoret, Kenya
  • Plenary Speaker, “Truly Human: Living your Resurrectional Gender Identity,” workshop presentation “Embodied Leadership: Creativity, Effectiveness, and Longevity,” Missio Alliance National Gathering, May 7-9, 2015, Alexandria, Virginia 

Scholarship Presentations at Professional Conferences

  • Guest Lecturer, “Servant Leadership: Managing Social Presence in Christ” Ming Hua Seminary, September 24, 2015, Hong Kong
  • Guest lecturer, “The Interplay of Bodies & Influence in Higher Learning,” Faculty Institute, August 24, 2015, Mt Vernon Nazarene University, Mt, Vernon, Ohio.
  • Guest Faculty, “Embodied Leadership in the Local Church,” Fuller Theological Seminary, April 28, 2015, Burbank, California
  • Presenter, “The Three Pillars of Executive Presence,” CCCU WLDI, June 15-19, 2015, Cedar Springs, WA 


Professional Conference (guest expert)

  • Plenary Speaker, “Truly Human: Living your Resurrectional Gender Identity,” workshop presentation “Embodied Leadership: Creativity, Effectiveness, and Longevity,” Missio Alliance National Gathering, May 7-9, 2015, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Guest Faculty, “Embodied Leadership in the Local Church,” Fuller Theological Seminary, April 28, 2015, Burbank, California   
  • Retreat Speaker, “When Pastors (and their Spouses) Can’t Sleep: Finding Christ in the Chaos,” 3 Presentations: “Leading Oneself,” “Leading the Mission,” and “Leading Together,“ NWYM Pastors Conference, April 13-15, 2015, Twin Rocks, Oregon
  • Featured Presenter, “Leading Oneself: Fundamentals & Spiritual Discipline,” “Locating Reality: Fundamentals & Spiritual Discipline,” InterVarsity Regional Leaders Retreat, February 2-4, 2015, Malibu, California

Scholarship Presentations at Professional Conferences

  • “Student Formation in the Seminary Online Classroom: Mid-Career Adjustments,” ATS Mid-Career Faculty Gathering, March 5-7, 2015, Orlando, Florida
  • Faculty Presenter, “Judges 19: Violence against Women and the Degradation of Culture,” September 9- October 3, 2014, Cape Town, South Africa
  • Guest faculty, “Leadership for Christian Transformation,” Houston Graduate School of Theology, July 14-15, 2014, Houston, Texas
  • Presenter, “The Social Aspects of Influence: Is Confidence a Personality?” and “Trust and Healthy Conversations: Keys to Organizational Thriving,” WLDI, Cedar Springs, WA, June 13-17, 2014

Scholarship/Professional Publications

“White Gunman Kills 9 inside Black Church” and “Mother Emmanuel” prayers of lament for shooting June 17, 2015 published June 18, 2015

Article Site: 

2014 and Earlier Presentations

“Bodies, Space, and Influence: A New Economics of Power,” and “Relinquishment Prayer,” C-Suite for ECPA executives, November 9-11, 2014, Orlando, Florida

“Judges 19: Violence against Women and the Degradation of Culture,” GFES DMIN LGP, September 9-October 3, Cape Town, South Africa

“Leadership for Christian Transformation,” Houston Graduate School of Theology, July 14-15, 2014, Houston, Texas

“Soul of a Leader” 3 presentations, Intervarsity Potential Senior Leadership Cohort with Cabinet, July 7-11, 2014, Chicago, IL

“The Christa of Judges 19: Timeless Judgment on Oppression of Women,” Women’s Theology Hub, Portland, OR, May 1, 2014

"Contemplative Activism" and "Myths of Missional Leadership," Missio Alliance, 4/13, Alexandria, VA

"Embodied Servant Leadership: Leading like Jesus," Small Group Leaders' Training, 2/13, West Salem Four Square Church, OR

"Servant Leadership and Power: as Embodied in Jesus," CBE Fundraiser, 10/12, Boulder, CO

"Jesus' Kingdom and the Formation of the Found," Kwangsung Presbyterian Church, 8/12, Seoul, South Korea

"Jesus Kingdom Theology as the Foundation for Christ-Centered Change," "Jesus' Kingdom & Christ-Centered Formation: Being Found," "Resurrection Hope: Shaping Possibilities in the Mind," "Relational Holiness: Shaping Emotions," "Radical Hospitality: Shaping Behaviors," Whitworth Institute of Ministry, 6/12, Spokane, WA

"Renewing the Mind for the Sake of the Church: Essential Spiritual Disciplines," Society of Vineyard Scholars, 4/12, Minneapolis, MN

"Transformation and Spiritual Mentoring Communities," 6 presentations to Asian women Christian leaders, Singapore, 01/12

"Women Truly Transformed," 3 presentations "Women in Leadership" workshop, NWYM Friends Women, McCall, ID 09/11 and Twin Rocks Friends Camp, Rockaway, OR, 10/11

"The Line in the Sand and the Altar of God," plenarly speaker and workshop "The Economics of Power and Space: Safe Places and Relationships," CBE International Conference, Seattle, WA 07/11

"Power and Gender," Women's Advanced Leadership Institute, CCCU, Cedar Ridge, WA, 06/11

“Power and Space in Group Discernment,” Leadership Institute for Group Discernment, 05/11, Newberg, Oregon
“Servant Leadership & Christian Education in the Church,” Cascade Presbyterian Educators Event, 04/11, Mt Angel, Oregon

“Reaching the Culture with a Transparent Gospel,” Transparent Ministries Focus Group, 03/11,  Asheville, North Carolina

“Spiritual Formation & Leadership,” National Ecclesia Network Conference, 02/11, Washington DC

“Servant Leadership,” 5- week leadership course, Life Change Leadership Institute, 11/10, Portland, OR

“The Most Important Leadership Traits,” New Hope Small Group Leader Training, 08/10, Portland, OR

“Power and Servant Leadership” and “The It Factor,” WLDI (Women’s Leadership Development Institute) CCCU, 06/10, Cedar Ridge, WA

“Seeking Understanding: Listening Across Generations,” “Ministering with Students and Faculty: Engaging Fears, Attitudes, and Skills,” “Growing Teams: Problem-Solving through World Café Conversations,” and, “Special Challenges Women Face in the Academy”, IV Graduate Fellowship Ministries National Staff Conference, 04/10, Chicago, Illinois

“Women as Servant Leaders,” “Spiritual Formation in our Bodies,” “Spiritual Formation in our Gatherings”, and “Making Room for Jesus in your Leadership,” InterVarsity Women’s Conference, 04/10, Denver, CO

“Servant Leadership for Christian Schools,” and “Leading like Jesus,” Ohio River Valley Administrators conference for ACSI  03/10, Columbus, Ohio

"Love for God: I John 4:7-10 & Luke 13:10-17" and "Love for God: I John 4:11-21 & Luke 10:25-37" and "Servant Leadership & Power," Sonburst (IV student Conference), 10/09, Orlando, FL

"The Church and Me: Holiness and Hospitality," NWYM Adult Camp, 09/09, Twin Rocks Friends Camp, Rockaway Beach, OR

"Servant Leadership and the Economics of Power, " ACSI Leadership Academy, 09/09, Colorado Springs, CO

"Space for Grace," Leighton Ford Ministries, 07/09, Madeira Park, "Rosewoods" British Columbia

"Matthew 4:1-11: Turning Stones into Bread," "Throwing Self off the Pinnacle," "Fall Down and Worship Me," and " Embodied Power and Influence," Advanced Women's Leadership Development Institute (CCCU), 06/09, Cedar Springs Retreat Center, Sumas, WA

"Living Deeper in Christ," NCYM Mid-Year Gathering, 03/09, Baptist Assembly Ft. Caswell Retreat Center, Oak Island, NC

"Recalibrating Concepts of the Church: Power, Space, and Influence," Contemporary Culture Series/Shapevine, 02/09, Newberg, OR

"Resurrection Hope," "Relational Holiness," and " Radical Hospitality," NW Conference ECNA Pastors Retreat, 01/09, Newberg, OR

"Human Flourishing = Fully Human: Choosing Good over Evil despite the Cost/ II Timothy 1:7," Following Christ Conference, 12/08, Chicago, IL

"The Way of Jesus: From Fear to Freedom John 7-8," Eugene Faith Center, 11/09, Eugene, OR

"Solitude and Study," Celebrating 30 years Celebration of the Disciplines, Quaker Emphasis Week, panel," 10/08, Newberg, OR

Trainer for Spiritual Mentoring Groups- 1st and 2nd tier Leighton Ford Ministries, 05/08, Moravian Falls, NC

"Release: Psalm 55:22" and "Power and Gender," Come to the Waters: Wesleyan Holiness Women’s Clergy Conference, 04/11/08, San Diego, CA

“Set Free by the Spirit: Romans 6-8,” Intervarsity Staff Conference, 01/03-06/08, St. Louis, MO

“The Freedom to Hope” for Selah (George Fox Christian Women’s Conference), 09/27/07, Newberg, Oregon

“The Redemptive Use of Power in Gender Relationships” for PASCH (Peace & Safety in the Christian Home) 05/19/07, Portland, Oregon

“The Art of Spiritual Questions” Leighton Ford Ministries Spiritual Mentoring Training, 03/26-30/07, Apple Hills Lodge, North Carolina

“Building on the Basics: The Process of Spiritual Formation,” Asia Intercultural Specialists Conference 02/18-25/07, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Serving as Women Leaders in Male Space: Communication,” Women Ministry Leaders 11/20/06 Portland, George Fox

“Gender and Power” Wesleyan Holiness Women’s Clergy Conference, 03/20-23/06, San Diego, CA

“Leadership for Transitions” Vineyard Central Leader’s retreat, 03/17-19/06, Norwood, OH

“Relational Holiness” & “Radical Hospitality”; 4 seminars: ”In Ministry Together: Gender, Power, Communication, Boundaries,” InterVarsity National Leaders Meetings, 03/3-6/06, Madison, WI

“Deep Personal Change: Principles” and “Deep Personal Change: Processes” Sandy Ford Fellowship Scholars’ Retreat, 01/4-8/06, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Planting a Multi-Cultural Church” Generous Orthodoxy Conference 10/7-8/05, Bethesda, Maryland & 11/4-5/05, Seattle, Washington

“Imago Dei Transformation” Leading Within Retreat, 04/25-29/05, Charlotte, NC

“Jesus’ View of Women’s Power and Influence,” InterVarsity National Women Leaders’ Retreat, 03/11-13/05, San Diego, CA

“The Economics of Power and Social Space in Gender Relations,” PASCH (Peace and Safety in the Christian Home), 02/24/05, San Diego, CA

“Greater Is the One in You”, Evening session speaker for Emergent Convention, 02/04/05, San Diego, CA

“Evangelism and Deep Change,” Sandy Ford Fellowship Scholars’ Retreat, 01/4-9/05, Charlotte, NC

“Leading Like Jesus,” InterVarsity Fall Leadership Meetings, 10/05/04, Madison, WI

“Altar-aesthetics at a Church Plant” Seminar Worship Aesthetics Impact on Transformation sponsored by a Lilly Grant to Boston University, 06/30/04, Portland, OR

“Jesus’ Use of Power-Presence-Personhood,” Leading Within retreat for national Christian leaders, 05/9-14/04, B.C. Canada

“Spiritual Formation and the Emerging Church” Off the Road Coaches Clinic for Emergent Church, 04/28/04, Portland, OR

“Technology and the Teaching of NT Greek,” Session Teachers of Greek at SBL, 11/24/03, Atlanta, GA

“Conflict Types for Deeper Growth,” Evangelical Friends Mission Board, 10/29/03, Newberg, Oregon

“Leading a Church through Change,” Emmanuel Temple Church, 10/25/03, Skamania Lodge Hood River, WA

“Ephesians 5: Redemptive Community,” Christians for Biblical Equality Marriage Conference, 09/28/02,Portland, Oregon

“Women in Ministry: A Personal Journey,” Christians for Biblical Equality, 03/10/02, Portland, OR

“Research and the Healthy Church,” Department of Education, 02/18/02, University of Birmingham, England

“Journey of Faith Small Groups”, Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, 09/21-22/01, Charlotte, NC

“Turning Insolvable Problems into Vision Opportunities,” Leadership in Ministry Conference, 10/21/00, Portland, Oregon

“Jesus’ Use of Power,” Lausanne Mentoring Conference for Christian Women Leaders, 05/08/00, Berlin, Germany