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We are Bruins. Ready. Fearless. Strong.
Bruins stand together. And together, we Stand Tall.

When challenges come, you have two choices: stand down or stand tall.

In a world that needs compassion, we show love. In a world that needs leadership, we step forward. In a world that needs vision, we look to new possibilities. In a world that needs hope, we point to Christ. And we do it together.

Rooted in tradition, but always moving forward. Facing our fears, but never shaken. Leading with strength, but always serving. United in our diversity, never divided. Because together, we stand tall.

In the classroom and on the field of play, with our family and in our church, in the boardroom and on the mission field, for those who can’t stand up for themselves, we stand tall.

We are Bruins. Ready. Fearless. Strong. We’ve been challenged, equipped, known – and now we’re ready.

Bruins stand together. And together we stand tall.

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stand tall sculpture


Stand Tall. Ready. Fearless. Strong. This is what it means to be a Bruin.

The new Alumni Plaza, dedicated on Oct. 6, 2018, commemorates this truth with a 1,200-pound bronze "Mama Bear" standing centrally in a picturesque 3,400-square-foot plaza. This space is a rallying point for past, current and future Bruins.

Located between the Ross Center and Stoffer Family Stadium, the plaza features the 10-foot-tall statue created by Ryan Wilhite, son of alumni Steve and Nancy Wilhite.

The female bear gazes to her right, which symbolizes the place of honor for future graduates. She stands ready, fearless, strong — just as our alumni do. The bear is a legendary icon that acts as a beacon of unity for all Bruins for generations to come.

We are all Bruins. And together, we Stand Tall.