Why I love George Fox


Yabadi TshimangaYabadi Tshimanga
Major: Social Work
Congo, Africa

“I’m comfortable here. I feel like I’m growing as a Christian, and I feel more connected to God. My professors are really helpful, and they reach out to me.  They all know me by name.”

Kyle JohnsonKyle Johnson
Double major in finance and accounting
San Diego, Calif

“My favorite thing is the people here and the camaraderie I’ve been able to develop with my friends. The classes in my major have been challenging. They’ve pushed me to my limit, which is good. And the professors have been great. They are very helpful and easily accessible when needed.”

Bo ThunellBo Thunell
Major: Health and Human Performance
Canyon, OR

“I like the community aspect of George Fox and the nature of the school. It’s really fun. I’ve never been on a baseball team that had so many great individuals. “

Steve SherwoodSteve Sherwood
Assistant professor of Religious Studies

“I really enjoy my colleagues both within my department and across the campus. I’ve had a lot more peer interaction here than I’ve ever had. I enjoy being with students, and I really enjoy being in the classroom. I love presenting ideas and interacting with the students. There are very broad experiences within the cultures that students have had. I think it’s a pretty diverse place.”

Adult Degree Programs

Wendy ZagorodneyWendy Zagorodney
Bachelor’s degree in Project Management (’09)
Portland, Ore.

“The program at George Fox was exactly what I needed – challenging but not overwhelming – and flexible enough to balance my time with work and family. I loved the cohort structure. Going through the program with the same group of students and many of the same instructors was comfortable and gave continuity to each class.”

Darien GutierrezDarien Gutierrez
Bachelor's Degree in Social and Behavioral Studies ('10) Portland, Ore.

“I can honestly say that I enjoy going to school and that I love my professors and classmates. The teaching style, the life-learning essays, and the cohort-style classes show me that George Fox truly understands the challenges faced by an adult learner. I feel confident in knowing that all of the staff wants me to succeed and is willing to help me reach my academic goals as a student.”

Note: Darien is a second-generation adult learner at George Fox, following in the footsteps of her mother Lynne Chartier (below).

Lynne GutierrezLynne Chartier
Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management (’91)
Portland, Ore.

“Completing my degree gave me the confidence to start my career in management, which then led to my completing a conventional master’s program. From there my career advanced rapidly. I am able to say without a doubt that George Fox gave me the career start I needed to become a successful manager and director without sacrificing my family.”

Jacqueline BassJacqueline Bass
Bachelor's Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership Program ('09)
Tualatin, Ore.

“The George Fox staff has always been readily available to answer questions or give me direction when it came to completing the requirements necessary to obtain my degree. What can I say, other than if you are looking for a place that will support you in attaining your education and career goals, George Fox is the school for you.”

Shayne RowanShayne Rowan
Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Business Information Systems (’09)
Vancouver, Wash.

“It has been hard work to finish my degree, and there have been sacrifices that I and my family have made, but George Fox has been a partner that cares about my success, and that is why I love the program.”

Melissa BradleyMelissa Bradley
Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership (’09)
Salem, Ore.

“Ultimately, George Fox gave me the ability to achieve my personal goals while balancing a career and family. The encouragement, education and perspectives of the professors have been invaluable to me. They have the hands-on experience to help students address practical organization problems or situations. The professors really feel more like mentors and strive to help students achieve their goals, whether it be with their faith, family, school or career.”

Ray GrosenbachRay Grosenbach
Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management (’09)
Newberg, Ore.

“I probably would not have returned to finish my bachelor's degree if it weren't for the support and extremely friendly staff. I was assisted through every step of the process. George Fox staff provided thorough orientation and guidance into the new academic schedule, helped me balance my schedules, and eased my apprehension of returning to school.”

AJ DeLaRosaAJ DeLaRosa
Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership (’09)
Keizer, Ore.

“I have attended a few other colleges and none of them gave me a sense of belonging like George Fox did. The education I received here enabled me to grow as an individual in both my work life and personal life. I also feel that the professors are first class at George Fox. They took time to get to know me academically and personally, which was important to me in my learning experience.”


Pamela KingPamela King
Masters in Counseling
First semester
Undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Arizona State

“I had been living in Portland for 20 years. When I was looking at doing this kind of program, I was hoping for a Christian perspective. I looked at other places but really liked the program here. It’s been challenging, stretching and informative. It’s been great to be back at school.”

Leah StitesLeah Stites
Masters in School Psychology
First semester
Undergraduate degree in Elementary Education at Washington State University

“I had gone to a state school and really wanted something smaller and religious. I like this area; it’s been good. It’s been nice to have the spiritual component.”

Ryan ThorsonRyan Thorson
Masters of Divinity
First semester
Undergraduate degree in English Literature at Western Oregon University

“A friend of mine goes here and my pastor graduated from here. I had visited [other programs], but this seminary just stood above the rest. The professors here have such high esteem in the academic world, but they were or are practicing ministers. That blend of academic and practical experience was attractive. Within the classes, there is a neat sense of community that we’ve built. We’re seeking after truth and how to apply it to where God’s calling us.”

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