Debra Espinor

Debra EspinorAssistant Professor

Director, Elementary Teacher Education Degree Completion
Telephone: 503-554-2875 Newberg
                 503-554-6114 Portland

Debby Espinor joined the School of Education in 2010 as an assistant professor of education and as director of the elementary education degree-completion program. She had taught the previous nine years at Seattle Pacific, specializing in education classes that included educational psychology, standards-based assessment, learning theories, foundations of American education, and models of teaching, among other subjects. She also directed the school’s field experiences and partnerships program and served as elementary chair in the Undergraduate School of Education.

Before SPU, she taught for 20 years at Heritage Private School in Bothell, Wash., ending her tenure as principal (seven years). Debby earned a doctorate in education (2004), principals certificate (1995), a master’s degree in Christian ministries (1985) and a bachelor’s degree in music education (1978), all from Seattle Pacific.

Professor Espinor teaches:
         Learning Theory
         Classroom Management
         Curriculum and Instruction
         Fine Arts Methods
         Senior Capstone

        EdD     Educational Leadership - Seattle Pacific University
        Principal’s Certificate - Seattle Pacific University
        MA       Christian Ministry - Seattle Pacific University
        BA        Music Education - Seattle Pacific University

 Research Interests:
          Calling and Vocation
          Clinical Practicum and Co-Teaching
          International Education

 Community Service:
           Partnership with America Latina Schools – Guatemala
          Worship Band – Compass Church - Vancouver

Selected Publications:
Espinor, D. (2010) Guest Editor Teaching with Competence, Compassion and Character  Fall 2010

Espinor, D. (2009) Overview of Learning Theories. Faith-based education that constructs.  WIPF and Stock Publishers, Eugene, OR.

Espinor, D. (2006). Going to college in fifth grade, Curriculum in Context, Spring 2006

Espinor, D. (2001). Strategies for Changing School Culture. Christian School Education, Vol. IV, 2.

Espinor, D. (2000). Assessing Spiritual Formation in Concert with Intellectual Development. Leadership Academy Report, Vol. 1, 53-55

Selected Presentations:
Espinor, D. (2010). Assessment in Healthcare, Presentation to nursing faculty at Rotterdam University (Invited presenter)

Espinor, D. (2010). A Case for Student Teacher Placement as Preparation for Future Urban Educators, Presentation at the Social and Moral Life Conference, York, St. John University

Espinor, D. (2009). Brain Based Research, Presentation to faculty at America Latina Schools, Guatemala City and Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Espinor, D. (2009). Teaching at the College Level Special invitation presentation to faculty at Guatemala Bible Seminary, Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Espinor, D. & Newby, S.  (2008). Is Melody Beautiful Without Harmony? Presentation at SPU’s Common Day of Learning, October 2008

Espinor, D. (2007) Going to College in the Fifth Grade.  Presentation at the OSPI January Conference: Accelerating Achievement

Espinor, D. (2007). Going to College in the Fifth Grade, Presentation at OSPI’s Annual Conference

Brown, J. & Espinor, D. (2006). A Mid Year Tune Up: Classroom Management. Presentation at 2006 ACSI Teachers Convention, Cedar Park Christian School, Bothell, WA.

Algera, H. & Espinor, D. (2005). So you’ve been asked to be a Mentor. Presentation at 2005 WSASCD Annual Conference, Sea-Tac, Washington.

Kline, F., Espinor, D., Zurinsky, B. (2005). Active Faith: Doing It and Being It. Presentation at the Day of Common Learning at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle. WA.

Clise, M., Ganalon, P., Espinor, D., McClanahan, L., Reichel, C. (2005). Essential Dispositions-Washington State’s Conceptual Framework for Teachers. Presentation at the Fourth Annual Symposium on Educator Dispositions sponsored by Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Espinor, D. (2005).  Mid-Year Tune-up for Classroom Management. Presentation to faculty at America Latina Schools, Guatemala City and Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

Espinor, D. (2005).  Moving to the University.  Presentation to faculty at America Latina Schools, Guatemala City, Guatemala.

Espinor, D. (2004). Faith Development Theory-A Global Perspective. Paper presented at Hull University sponsored 4th International Conference on the Social and Moral Fabric of the School, Beverley, East Yorkshire, England.

Espinor, D. (2004). Pedagogy Assessment: Seeing Through the Eyes of the Student. Presentation at the 2004 WSASCD Annual Conference in Spokane

Espinor, D. (2002). Religious Education and Faith Development “A Big Picture View of the Role of Religion in Education: United States and United Kingdom”. Paper presented at the British Educational Research Association, University of Exeter, Exeter, England.

Espinor, D. (1999). Character Education and Christian Education. Paper presented at the Seattle Pacific University sponsored first annual International Conference on the Social and Moral Fabric of the School, Edmonds, Washington.

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