Scot Headley
Dean, College of Education

NCATE / CAEP Accreditation Comments

Doctor of Education

Patrick Allen

Ken Badley

Ginny Birky

Karen Buchanan

Suzanne Harrison
Assistant Professor

Terry Huffman

Susanna Steeg
Assistant Professor

Gary Tiffin
Associate Professor, EdD Program Director

Graduate Teaching and Leading

Master of Education & Endorsements

Christy Austin
Assistant Professor

Ginny Birky

Eloise Hockett
Associate Professor, MEd Program Director

Susanna Steeg
Assistant Professor

Administrative Licensure

Judy Keeney
Assistant Professor, Alternative Pathways Program Coordinator

Marc Shelton
Professor, Administrative License Program Director

Educational Specialist

Karen Buchanan

Gary Sehorn
Assistant Professor, EdS Program Director

Master of Arts in Teaching

Rebecca Addleman
Associate Professor

Carol Brazo
Associate Professor, Graduate Teacher Education Chair

Kristi Bronkey
Assistant Professor, Redmond Site

Tom Buchanan
Assistant Professor

Tatiana Cevallos
Assistant Professor

Amy Dee
Associate Professor, CAEP Coordinator, Director of Assessment

Karen Hamlin
Associate Professor of Education

Mary J. Johnson
Assistant Professor

Kris Molitor
Assistant Professor, MAT Plus Reading & ESOL Director

Brenda Morton
Assistant Professor, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Katy Turpen
Assistant Professor

Linda Warberg
Assistant Professor, Special Education Director

Elementary Education

Undergraduate & Degree Completion

Robert Bonner
Assistant Professor

Debra Espinor
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Education Director

Beth LaForce

Yune Tran
Assistant Professor

Larry Weber
Assistant Professor

Graduate School of Counseling

Steve Bearden
Assistant Professor of Counseling

Anna Berardi
Professor of Counseling

Lori DeKruyf
Associate Professor, School Counseling Director

Keith Dempsey
Assistant Professor of Counseling, Graduate School of Counseling Interim Chair

Michelle Engblom-Deglmann
Assistant Professor of Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling

Rand Michael
Associate Professor of Counseling

Bob Powell
Director, Portland Counseling Center

Richard Shaw
Associate Professor of Counseling

Bob Simpson
Assistant Professor, School Psychology Director

Daniel Sweeney
Professor of Counseling


Sondra Creason
Executive Assistant

Judy Deale
Administrative Assistant, MAT Full-Time Format

Brenda Graf
Administrative Assistant, MAT Night & Community Formats

Julie Green
Administrative Assistant, EDFL Programs

Saurra Heide
Associate Director of Clinical Practices

Megan Janes
Admissions Counselor, Doctor of Education (EdD)

Jennifer Lichtenberg
Administrative Assistant, Graduate School of Counseling

Joel Moore
Admissions Counselor, Counseling Programs

Lois Mulkey
Associate Director of Clinical Practices

Kipp Wilfong
Admissions Counselor, MAT, EDFL Programs

Christee Wise
Administrative Assistant, Undergraduate Elementary Education

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