Doctor of Education Program Overview

Doctor of Education program at George Fox University

Earn Your Doctorate While You Work


Designed to maximize accessibility for full-time educators, this professionally oriented program is offered in a cohort model which begins every July.

Fall and spring semester coursework is offered in an online format, while a three-week, face-to-face session is required on our Newberg campus in July each year for the first three years of the program.

Exceptional Faculty

Throughout your studies, you will receive guidance and support from PhD-level master educators. Their academic credentials, decades of collective teaching and administrative experience, and commitment to students have earned George Fox University a national reputation for teaching excellence.

Licensure in Oregon and Other States

Doctor of Education students are encouraged to complete an additional administrative license or endorsement as a means to increase their leadership abilities within their educational field.

Oregon has reciprocal licensure arrangements with several states, thus allowing those who seek employment elsewhere to meet the administrative licensure requirements for those states.

Core Curriculum Themes

The 63-semester-hour doctoral program features five themes:

  • Moral leadership: The 37-semester-hour core curriculum emphasizes leaders as those who seek just, effective, and reasoned solutions to problems. This curriculum provides a comprehensive framework from ethical, legal, social, political, philosophical and historical perspectives applied to teaching, leading and learning within a Christian worldview. Students will be well-prepared in using qualitative and quantitative research tools to solve organizational problems.
  • Specialized interest: Students may complete a specialization by taking additional elective courses, transferring up to 17 semester hours into their programs (with faculty approval), and/or completing practica for teaching endorsements, teaching licenses, and administrative licenses.
  • Depth of knowledge: Students take a comprehensive exam to demonstrate their breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Professional development: Projects are designed to qualify students for competencies that are tied to the ability to communicate ideas to diverse stakeholders and to use research effectively when making organizational decisions.
  • Problem solving: Students are equipped to write a doctoral dissertation that reveals the ability to use research tools to shed light on important problems.

Integrated Competency Strands

  1. Effective use of writing to communicate ideas
  2. The ability to use technology to enhance organizational efficiency
  3. The ability to communicate orally to large and small audiences
  4. The ability to use research tools to investigate questions and to solve problems
  5. The ability to integrate faith and learning into professional practice

The program comprises 63 total semester units: 55 semester credits of course work and a minimum of 8 semester units of dissertation. Students will fulfill these requirements by:

  • Taking 37 core semester hours in the following perspectives: ethics; historical, philosophical, and social foundations; teaching and learning; managing and leading; and research
  • Taking 18 elective hours (through transfer and course work) in their chosen specialties
  • Transferring up to 17 semester units appropriate to the curriculum beyond the master's degree

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