Young Writers' Camp

Battle of the Books

Oregon Battle of the Books Summer Writing Camp

Camp 1: June 27 - July 1, 2016 (fully online, $80) **Registration Now Closed**

Camp 2: August 1-5, 2016 (fully online, $80)  **Registration Now Closed**

Join other avid readers and writers for a fun online camp experience exploring young adult novels as guides to good writing. This week-long camp will improve your writing skills and help you connect with like-minded storytellers entering grades 7-9. If you love the 2015 Oregon Battle of the Books selections, this is the camp for you!

C3 Camp

C3 Camp: Create, Code, and Compose

June 20-24, 2016 ($125)

**Registration Now Closed** 

C3 Camp is an amazing place to create, code, and compose with your friends! With a focus on engineering, computer coding, and writing to enhance understanding, children will have a wonderful time learning how things work by experimentation and hands-on experience. Writing is a key part of camp; each child will receive their own notebook to record wonderings, predictions, and discoveries. Each camp will be run by a licensed teacher and a cooperating student teacher.

Creative Nonfiction

Writing Creative Nonfiction Essays: Featuring College Applications

July 11-29, 2016 (fully online, $265)

**Registration Now Closed**

An online guided writing workshop, featuring application essay and scholarship essay drafts with sequential guided feedback and a post camp opportunity to send in a final draft for extensive revision feedback. Especially high school juniors and sophomores may sign up early for this practical writing activity, an opportunity to craft your college application essays with experienced Oregon Writing Project Teacher Consultants.

Write for a Cause

Superheroes for a Cause: Build Essential Writing Skills While Being a Champion in Your Community

July 11-22, 2016 (fully online, $155)

**Registration Now Closed**

Do you dream of making a difference in your community? Do you want to be a modern day superhero? Did you know the pen is mightier than the sword?

Coming soon to a galaxy really, really close to you - yours! Be a WONDER WOMAN (or MAN!) Take on a FANTASTIC idea and solve it in a FLASH. Be a writing AVENGER for the homeless, the bullied, the environment. Take on a problem, find your passion, and HULK up with a deep knowledge and understanding. Bounce ideas off of your writing peers, then use your pen like THOR's hammer to spread the word and change the world.

In Their Own Words

Comments from Program Participants

"My child liked that there was something new every day. She got some great ideas and tools to use in her future writing.”

"I so appreciate that you helped campers find their talents and encouraged them to find more ways to express themselves as writers. Thank you!"

"My daughter came home after the first day of the writer’s camp thrilled, and remained happy with her experiences. Bravo. Thank you for providing her with a positive learning experience."

"My son really liked the variety of writing activities—animation, science and creative writing. Bringing in science teachers was a great idea. My son is seeing the connection between writing and science."

"The camp built confidence, a belief that his writing is really good. It was a safe place to express his thoughts and feelings."

"My child improved in being excited about writing, having a desire to explore learning though technology, and understanding the writing process. I cannot thank you enough. This was fantastic!"