From the Director of Outreach and Service

It’s been a very full spring semester as we plan and prepare to take a team of 17 students to Swaziland for our May Serve trip this year. In the midst of this, I was so encouraged and reminded about why we do these trips during our May Serve reunion during homecoming weekend. We had a significant number of students who have previously gone on a trip return for this event. Here are just two of the several comments that I received from those who came.

“It was such a cool thing to go to the reunion and be in a room full of people who felt called to serve God, and then to see examples of how he is still working in people’s lives.” – Jenny (South Africa ’09)

“I thought the program went well. I really felt the Lord’s presence as the stories were shared and images played. I don’t know why, but I feel like May Serve has a special place amongst short-term missions. Kind of like a spiritual “leg up” on the rest of the programs out there. I realize that it isn’t a competition (and that more than likely I am biased), but you know what I mean. I want to stay involved as much as you will have me so that I can better understand why such intense blessing surrounds the groups.” – Charles (Romania, ’02)

It’s humbling and wonderful to hear such words and to know that you as parents have been a consistent support to our teams over the years and have facilitated both a financial and prayer covering for our teams that are not taken for granted. We are so grateful!

This May we are going to Swaziland to work with AIM Ministries. Through their 14 bases around the world, they have year-round ministry to places where “the least of these” are found. They believe that by giving people the opportunity to hold orphans, bring hope to the hopeless, and pray for the sick, lives are transformed. Much of the ministry that we will be involved in will be ministering to orphans at various care points. These care points are set up by a local pastor to provide food and education that these children so desperately need.

In addition to the children, we may have a chance to engage with adults who are in the last stages of AIDS. We may bring compassion and love to those who are considered outcasts by the society and give ourselves away to a country in desperate need of compassion. Swaziland nationals and missionaries are ministering through their medical clinic, soccer ministry, educational resources and helping to meet basic needs. We will work in conjunction with AIM to find the best fit for our team and ways that we can be a support and encouragement to those daily ministering and living in Swaziland.

The team is currently meeting weekly for prayer, planning and implementing of fundraising activities and preparing for the ministry. If you would like more information or to find out ways that you can support the team please contact Andrea Crenshaw at 503-554-2323 or e-mail

Andrea Crenshaw
Director of Outreach and Service