From the Athletic Director

When I stop to think about it, my George Fox experience now spans nearly four decades! I arrived at George Fox College as a student-athlete in the fall of 1971 with no faith and sports at the center of my universe. God changed all of that when I accepted him in the spring of that year through the prayer and investment of many in the George Fox community.

As a young coach, professor and now, the athletic director at George Fox University, I’ve had the chance to give back to the place that actually saved my life. I am continually amazed at how the lives of our students are transformed as God loves and shapes them through my coworkers, in the classroom, in their living areas, and through athletics.

Both of my daughters are George Fox University graduates, and my son is currently a junior here. What a gift it has been to see my children learn and grow during their time at the university in the same nurturing environment that I experienced all those years ago.

In my current position as director of athletics, I am excited to see our students return to campus in the fall, but I am particularly excited to see those who are coming for the first time just like I did in 1971 – students who are searching and hoping deep down inside that this will be the place that holds the answers, as it was for me.

As an alumnus, a parent and an employee, I couldn’t be prouder or more thankful for George Fox University. I appreciate what it means to our community and the world as our students go from this place prepared to make a positive difference as they live out God’s plan for their lives.

One of the things I am certain of over my nearly four decades here is the fact there is no formula for how God works in the lives of our students and how he continues to use this place for his good. I just know that, year in and year out, he does and I am blessed by it.

Craig Taylor,
Athletic Director