Bringing back the George Fox Alma Mater

George Fox University is reviving its alma mater (school song). Composed in 1904, the alma mater was sung after games through at least the 1960s and likely disappeared with the elimination of the football program in 1969.

But now it’s back in a new form. The sped-up “fight song” version is arranged by Todd Zimbelman, former director of athletic bands at University of Oregon. Two text changes were to the original second verse: “Bruins” replaces “comrades” and “George Fox” replaces “P.C.” (an abbreviation of the then-Pacific College name).

George Fox Alma Mater

Bruins come and
Raise your voices
Let us praise
Our college dear

While with her
Your heart rejoices
Spread her glory
Far and near

Then a rousing cheer
We'll give her
'Tis the least that we can do

George Fox
We'll love forever
Her old gold and navy blue

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History of the alma mater

Prof. Kantner

Prof. Clifford White Kantner

Cecil Hoskins

Cecil Hoskins

Ray Pemberton

Ray Pemberton

Known as "Close Beside Chehalem's Mountain” because of the first four words of first verse, the alma mater was the result of a school competition mentioned in the November 1904 school newspaper, The Crescent.

In January of 1905 the lyrics of J. Ray Pemberton and Cecil J. Hoskins were selected and Professor Clifford White Kantner put them to music.

A previous “college song” in 1902 was sung during the burning of the campus mortgage on a celebratory bonfire.

Ring the good old college bell

"Ring the good old college bell,
And ring it extra long,
Ring it with a spirit,
That will make a joyous song.
Ring it as 'twas never rung
In days that now are gone
While we've been marching through college.

Hurrah, hurrah, we'll sing the jubilee.
Hurrah, hurrah, for from the debt we're free.
And so we'll burn the mortgage
That has hung o'er old PC,
While we're marching through college.

While the board of managers
Were shaking in their shoes.
As they faced the mortgage
And collected little dues.
Now they have forgotten
That they ever had the blues,
While we've been marching through college.

While our President we greet,
Who brought the news to town.
The bell will ring so clear and sweet with music all around.
We'll sing a song to celebrate His honor an ' d renown. 
'while we're marching through college"

history of the George Fox alma mater

“The plan proposed by Prof. Kantner for getting a college song service seems to us to be very good for a number of reasons, viz.: It creates a better college spirit among the students; sing with spirit; a college song gives other schools a very favorable opinion of our college spirit and also of our school. The contest by which the words are to be secured for the song will be of aid to the students taking part, as it will give them practice in that line of literary work. We hope that all may take a deep interest in this contest, so that very soon we will be singing a song of “Old Pacific” with a spirit that will make the bells ring.”

- The Crescent, November 1904

music for the George Fox alma mater

Original Sheet Music

Making the George Fox Fight Song your ringtone


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Step 2:
Click Search and type “George Fox Fight Song”.

George Fox Fight Song

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Select “Set as Default Ringtone”.


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Download ES File explorer (Free) and open the app.

Step 3:
Go to ‘music’ folder within the ES File Explorer app and copy the fight song file.

Step 4:
Open ringtone folder (Menu> Local> Internal Storage) and paste the fight song file.
If there is no ringtone folder, you can create one inside Internal Storage.

Step 5:
Exit from ES File Explorer

Step 6:
Go to settings> Ringtone list> click new ringtone> hit “okay”