Electrical Concentration

Electrical engineers explore the behavior of electrical devices, circuits, and systems. Their work ranges from microchip development to the design of hybrid vehicle electronic systems. You see the products of electrical engineering in cell phones, biomedical equipment, robots, WiFi networks, GPS and smart grid technologies. Areas of specialization include communication systems, digital signal processing, wireless devices, integrated circuits, electric power, automatic controls, and optoelectronics.

Class Projects

Electrical engineering class projects at George Fox have included:  

  • Robotic arm controller with infrared sensors
  • MP3 amplifier with graphic equalizer
  • Stereo "iHome"
  • Noise extraction filter for power supply hum
  • Digital communications link simulator
  • 9-watt audio amplifier
  • Microprocessor controlled laser range finder
  • 1GHz wireless transmitter with balanced mixer and patch antenna

Audio power amp design project Graphic equalizer board layout

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External Links

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Electronics of hybrid car

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