Why Christianity Resonates with Humanity

Feb. 17-18 at George Fox University

Throughout the centuries and around the world, Christianity has resonated deeply with humans from all walks of life. Can it still, here and now? Can the Christian story compel and allure us? Join us for a two-day event exploring why Christianity still resonates with humanity. RESONATE brings together music, philosophy, science, and art to display the goodness, truth, and beauty of Christianity. Combining our heads and our hearts to see and savor the life of Jesus, you won’t want to miss this special event. 

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Presented by the George Fox University Apologetics Initiative with

Dominic Done

Dominic Done Author, former Portland pastor, and professor, your RESONATE host

Dominic Done

Jon Guerra Singer-songwriter and Austin, TX performing artist

Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo SharpAuthor, Houston Baptist University professor, and Portland-native

Greg Ganssle

Greg Ganssle Author, Biola University professor, and philosopher

Fuz Rana

Fazale “Fuz” Rana Author, CEO/President of Reasons to Believe, and scientist