Get to know freshman electrical engineering major Zack Lyda – our Be Known student profile of the week!

– Hometown: Newberg, Oregon
– Dream job: Developing biological 3D printing technology.
– Fun fact: I love Rubik’s cubes! I’m was actually printing one at the time the pic was taken

Q: Why did you choose to major in electrical engineering?

A: I chose electrical engineering because I have had a deep-seated love for electronics basically my entire life. One of the earliest memories I have of my childhood was finding a long strand of wire in a box in the garage and appropriating it as my own. I buried the ends of it in gravel, intending to make it do fantastic things (this seemed quite logical in my 6-year-old mind). This was over a decade ago, yet I still have that childlike curiosity, and still want to make wires do things. That’s why I chose double E.

Q: How have you felt known at George Fox?

A: Both students and faculty here care to get to know you. Honestly, before I experienced it, the whole Be Known thing seemed kinda cliché, but that opinion quickly changed once I got here. Everyone here is friendly and caring, and I really do feel known. 

Q: How have you grown in your faith while at George Fox?

A: The engineering department has a program they call Engineering Your Soul, or EYS as its generally referred to. Each semester we read a Christian book, and meet throughout the semester to discuss it. These meetings are mainly voluntary, but we have a packed room every time. While this sounds like a cliché formulaic thing, I have left almost every single meeting with a new insight on either God, myself, or my faith. I definitely am growing in my faith here at Fox.

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