So many questions run through your head as you search for a college to call home for the next four years of your life. It can feel overwhelming because everything seems so stressful and unknown.

When I started searching for the college of my dreams, I had a hard time knowing what questions to ask. I am from California, so I was hopeful I would love living in a rainy state. As it turned out, my hopes became a reality. I found the rain and living on campus to be two of the greatest things about being a college student!

Rainy Days

Let me debunk a myth about rain in Oregon: Contrary to common belief, it’s not always raining here. However, if you come from a place where it rarely rains, any can be a shock. Here’s how I prepped to survive the transition and love my new home-away-from-home:

Buy rain boots and a rain jacket!

Being prepared for the weather is one of the biggest hurdles in the first place. You don’t want to be miserable and wet. Also, these clothing items can really represent you. My rainboots from freshman year were colorful polka dots just because I wanted them to be fun.

Research fun rainy-day activities to do.

Coming to Fox, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to do much when it was raining. However, Newberg and Portland are filled with fun activities that are “rain-proof.” I realized I could sit in a coffee shop, go bowling, or have a game night with friends in my dorm when I wasn’t studying in the library. One of my favorite things to do when it’s raining is to just curl up in a blanket and watch a movie.

Let loose and jump in those puddles.

Every time it rains and you might be feeling bothered or annoyed by it, just jump in a puddle! Sure, it may feel a little “childish,” but I’ve found it to be a really great stress reliever, so why not play in it?



On-Campus Living

One of the biggest transitions to college is living on campus. Again, the questions came: Would I like my roommate? Would I be able to sleep in a new bed in a new room? How would I adjust to being away from home? But the minute I arrived at Fox, these fears were put at ease. Here’s why:

1. Everyone is in the same stage of life (minus your professors):

When is there another time in life that you are surrounded by people who are also transitioning into the next phase of life at the exact same time as you? Everyone around you can relate to what you’re going through, even if you don’t talk about it.

I didn’t realize this my freshman year and kind of acted like I had it all together, even when I was struggling or missing my hometown. In retrospect, I wish I had been more honest with people and had reached out and asked them how they were doing. If you take that first step to connect, you can create a deeper relationship and have someone to talk to when hard things come up.

2. Fun Events!

Living on campus also gives you the opportunity to participate in so many fun events and is an awesome way to get outside of your comfort zone.

My freshman year, I attended dorm events and played games with my housing area. One of my favorites was a pumpkin painting night with all of the girls on my floor and our sister floor. We all bought pumpkins and painted them together to ring in the fall season!

I also played Capture the Flag and The Hunger Games (a huge interconnected game of tag), put on by my housing area. Even when it felt uncomfortable, I really tried to connect with others through these events, and it really helped make my first year awesome.



3. You’re on campus, so everything’s easy to access.

Living on campus means you have easy access to your classes and facilities. All of the facilities, like the library, gym and different study spaces, are free and open for students to use. Personally, I enjoy the fact that I can wake up or leave my apartment and walk to wherever I need to be. I frequently study in the library because I live so close to it.

4. Your RA (Resident Assistant).

Residence life is a big part of Fox’s culture and a really cool part of on-campus living. Wherever you live on campus, you will have a residential assistant someone who is there to support you and be a resource when you need it.

When moving onto campus my first year, I connected immediately with my RA. She greeted me with a smile and a hug on my first day, and throughout the year she was one of my closest confidants when life got hard. All of my RAs have been a support system for me and have all played a different role, but all have equally been blessings to me.

5. Build Community (You know … Be Known).

Here at Fox, we have something called the Be Known promise. This is just the idea that, while you’re here, you will “be known” in every area of your life: academically, spiritually and personally.

I found some of my best friends on my first freshman dorm floor. When I first moved in, I was afraid I wouldn’t get along with my roommate or those around me. And while, yes, it was hard to get along with everyone on my dorm floor, I built personal, lasting relationships that made living on campus invaluable. These friends got to know my story and personality, which helped me realize, “Hey, I’m wanted here.”



I’m sure you, like me, have so many questions about George Fox and the whole college process. But the questions and fears I had when I was researching or even preparing to come to Fox began to fade away when I realized how much of a support system I truly had here.

Yes, you should be prepared for the rain. Yes, you should choose a dorm to fit yourself and your preferences. However, the experience of college for me has been one of ups and downs, fears and questions … But one that has grown me and has made me feel known.

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