Scholarship Summit is almost here, and we want you to feel prepared and excited to participate in this event! This is an opportunity for George Fox admitted students to learn more about their academic department, meet professors, explore campus, and earn up to $3,000 in annual scholarship funds (up to $12,000 in college savings).

To help you make the most of your summit experience, we’ve compiled some tips and tricks for you.

Seven Tips and Tricks for Scholarship Summit

  1. Read the requirements for your major well ahead of time!

    This will give you the time and space you need to prepare any portfolios or essays that might be required, and to think about what excites you about your chosen major and why you want this scholarship. The further ahead you prepare, the more comfortable and less stressed you will feel. 

  2. Bring a change of clothes or shoes

    Because dress for interviews is business casual, we encourage you to bring a change of clothes for when you explore campus, like checking out the Hadlock Student Center. Don’t stress about this, and don’t feel you have to go buy something. 

  3. Enjoy other aspects of the event

    Get out of an interview mindset and look forward to all the other activities, too. Scholarship Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet your future professors and classmates, talk to current students, explore the campus, and get the general vibe of the university. 

  4. Ask a current student

    Now is a great time to connect with a current student and ask questions about their Scholarship Summit experiences. Start your conversation today and get advice from students on how to prepare, the next steps and their recommendations for additional visit activities. 
  5. Be on the lookout for a future friend … or roommate! 

    Remember that students you meet could end up being your roommates or best friends. Why not start making those connections before your freshman year even begins?

  6. Ask good questions

    Professors are here because they love their students and are committed to helping them learn and grow! Have some questions about your major? Bring them all! This is a great time to interview the professors, too, and confirm that George Fox is the right place for you. 

  7. Be yourself!

    Think about what you are truly interested in and what excites you in life and learning. Professors want to get to know you. The more you can share about how you want to develop academically, personally and spiritually, the better they can do that.

  8. Relax and have fun!

    This is a fun event, we promise. The professors are excited to have you, your fellow Bruins are excited to meet you, and George Fox University is a fun place to be! We know from experience the summit is always worth the climb!

Ready to attend Scholarship Summit?

If you are an admitted student, register for Scholarship Summit.

If not, apply by Feb. 1 to be qualified to attend the March Scholarship Summit.

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