Scholarship Summit

What happens when your calling leads you on the path less traveled, to a destination you can only find through wayfinding and blazing your own trails? That's what it means to be a Bruin. We know that the best views come from the hardest climbs, and we’re not afraid of the challenge.

That’s why we’re so excited for you to join us on the trails of Scholarship Summit, an interview experience that provides an opportunity to earn an additional $1,000 to $3,000* per year on top of your merit scholarship!

*$1,000 to $3,000 for Early Action applicants (apply by Nov. 1);
 $1,000 to $2,000 for Priority Decision applicants (apply by Feb. 1)

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Here’s the map to your summit:

  1. Apply to George Fox by Nov. 1 (Early Action) or Feb. 1 (Priority Decision)

  2. Admitted students will be sent a link to register for a department interview taking place at Scholarship Summit

  3. Attend Scholarship Summit and have a blast!

Scholarship Summit is only available to incoming fall 2023 first-year and transfer students.

Watch video: What Is the Scholarship Summit?
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Department Interviews

Department interviews will take place in person on our beautiful Newberg campus or virtually, so you can pick the date, time and format that works best for you. During this time, you’ll interview with a professor for potential scholarships, learn more about your major and department, and get to meet future classmates.

Not sure what you want to major in yet? That’s normal! Just choose the major you’re leaning most toward at this point, and if you win a scholarship from the summit, you’ll keep your scholarship even if you change majors later on.

Sure, there’s an interview, but don't be intimidated; our professors are amazing people who teach because they love engaging with students. This will be a lot of fun!

Early Action applicants:
Each academic department will offer interviews for Early Action applicants on campus (Jan. 27) and virtually (Jan. 30-Feb. 3). Scholarships will range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Priority Decision applicants:
Each academic department will offer interviews for Priority Decision applicants on campus (March 3) and virtually (March 6-10). Scholarships will range from $1,000 to $2,000.

Just by attending Scholarship Summit in person, students will automatically receive the George Fox Visit Experience Scholarship.

Registering for Scholarship Summit

Qualified students will be emailed a link to register. To take part in Scholarship Summit, students must be admitted to George Fox and complete the registration link.

In the meantime, you can explore our majors and minors and learn more about department interview requirements and what to expect.

2023 Department Interview Descriptions and Requirements

Below are the descriptions of what to expect for each department Scholarship Summit experience as well as details of any materials that need to be prepared or submitted prior to the summit.

We are pleased to offer the George Fox University Art and Design Scholarship to highly motivated students who are gifted in art and design. We seek participants who will develop into professionals of strong character, maturity and Christian commitment, with the potential to provide leadership in our community. All Art and Design Scholars complete a 10 hour per year service requirement. Scholarships will be granted according to the following considerations:

  • Demonstration of ability and a strong portfolio
  • Academic performance and potential for success
  • Stewardship of talent in service to Christ and community

Items to Submit Prior to Scholarship Summit:

  • Two letters of recommendation addressed to the Art and Design Scholarship Committee from a high school teacher or professional (non family member) in the same area of your scholarship interest, familiar with your character and leadership potential (these should be emailed from the recommender to
  • A brief word-processed essay addressing the following:

In 600 words or less, please tell us about two to three recent art or design projects you have completed, and how you see yourself using your abilities in art and design to work for good in the world (send this via email in the same communication that provides a link to your portfolio).

If you don’t have any art or design work to show, you may also opt to write about what you want to do in the future with an art and design degree and how a degree in that field would propel you on to create a fulfilling art and design career.

  • A digital portfolio of recent works:
    • For artists, the portfolio should consist of ten pieces of artwork that represent your best and most representative work to date. Your strongest, most recent works and a variety of media are helpful.
    • For Designers, 3-4 design projects that you have worked on recently should be shown. Your strongest, most recent work and a variety of media (both hand and digital) are helpful.
  • Portfolios must be submitted in digital format as a Google Slides presentation. Each slide should be labeled within the slideshow, including the title, the media (watercolor, ceramics, charcoal, colored pencil) and the size (ex: 24” x 36”)
  • You may include more than one image on a slide if it is necessary (ex: two views of one piece, if the piece is large or three-dimensional, etc.), but each slide should only show one image.
  • Please send the link to your Google Slides presentation with your essay to
  • Note: Do not send original artworks.

 For more information on building a strong portfolio, please consult the resources below:

All materials must be received at least one week prior to the event.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please contact the Art & Design department at

Scholarship Summit for the Biochemistry and Biology programs will consist of two parts. The essay questions (Part 1) need to be submitted one week prior to your summit date, using this link to upload your essay responses.

Note: You will be asked to sign into your Google account to access the form. Please create an account if you do not have one.

Part 1: Essay questions (Please limit responses to 200-250 words per question.)

  • Why is the Biology/Biochemistry program at George Fox a good fit for you?
  • What are three goals that you want to accomplish while at George Fox University?
  • How will you deal with academic adversity while in college?

Part 2: 30-minute interview

Your interview will be with a biology faculty member during the summit. Be prepared to articulate your past experiences and future goals along with expounding on your essay responses.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Vetta Berokoff at

The College of Business is eager to host you for Scholarship Summit! You will be participating in one-on-one interviews with a business faculty member. To help you prepare, before your visit we will send you a list of questions you may be asked. This event is your chance to engage with professors and come face-to-face with the Be Known Promise before arriving as a student.

Please also come prepared to ask questions of the business faculty and to share/expound on your interest in pursuing Business as a major.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Wendi Upjohn at

We look forward to meeting you!

Please submit the following materials to professor Dawn Ford at least one week prior to the Summit at

Part I – Submit one example of work you helped create that demonstrates your abilities in your area of interest. Please send this via a shared Google Drive folder to professor Dawn Ford. This sample must be no more than five minutes long. You will also need to write a one-paragraph description of the aim of the production, and describe your contribution to the project. All materials must be submitted at least one week before the Summit date.

Part II – Write a one-page description of a project you’d like to produce during your time at George Fox. During the Summit, each invitee will have a short interview with members of the cinematic arts faculty. Come prepared to discuss your previous experiences, areas of interest, and goals for the future. Interviews will be approximately 10 minutes long.

Please contact professor Ford directly with any questions you might have at

Please submit the following materials to professor Kevin Jones one week prior to the Summit at Please contact professor Jones directly with any questions you might have.

  • A 500-word essay explaining why you consider the study of human communication to be an important endeavor in the twenty first century.

Part I – Oral Presentation

Participants must prepare a 3-5 minute speech describing how George Fox University can help them grow as both a student and as a Christian. The speech will be presented to Department of Communication Arts Faculty Members during the interview. Speakers may use whatever notes they feel are necessary to give the best presentation possible. Interview time is limited so please make sure your speech honors the time limits established.

Part II – Group Problem Solving Exercise

Each participant will be asked to engage in a group problem solving case study. In the group exercise, applicants will be placed into a group and provided a conflict case study that they will be asked to resolve (as a group).

The Computer Science Summit will consist of three parts:

Part I: Essay
You will need to submit your essay one week before your Summit day. 

Prompt: As a Computer Science program, our mission at George Fox University is to prepare technically competent and broadly educated individuals for a life of responsible service emerging from a Christian worldview. As a student in the George Fox University Computer Science program, describe in 1200 words or less how you intend to: (1) accomplish this mission personally, and (2) provide strong, ongoing leadership to your peers in the fulfillment of this mission.

Part II: Individual interview

You will participate in a group activity and interview with a faculty member on the day of the Summit. Please come prepared to ask questions of the interviewers and to share on elements of your essay.

Part III: Group Activity

While you are in the larger group session waiting for your turn for your individual interview, some of our current students will walk you and other Scholarship Summit participants through some logic problems and other problem-solving exercises as a group, in a friendly and collaborative environment. As part of our scholarship decision process, we will consider your written essay and your individual interview, and will also weigh feedback from our current students on their interactions with you in the larger group session.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Adina Briggs McConaughey at

You will need to submit a resume via email to the Undergraduate Teacher Education Department c/o Jan Campadore at

Note: Written materials must be received by the George Fox UGTE Department no less than one week prior to the Summit.

Your resume needs to include your educational background, leadership, volunteer, extracurricular activities, work or volunteer experiences, and any additional skills, club memberships, or experiences working with children. The Elementary Education Summit will be a group interview involving activities that will allow you to demonstrate your skills in interpersonal communication, critical thinking, listening and observation, problem-solving, and group engagement.

The George Fox University School of Education is committed to developing educators who think critically, transform practice and promote justice. The scholarship committee seeks individuals who demonstrate potential in these areas. Following the group interview, you will have the opportunity to participate in an individual interview with a faculty member. This will be a time for you to accentuate any special skills, abilities, or experiences that you would like the scholarship committee to consider when it reviews the scholarship applications.

The Engineering Summit will consist of three parts:

Part I: Form

You will need to submit this formone week before your Summit date. It has some brief questions for faculty to get to know you.

Part II: Individual Interview

This will be a 15 minute interview with an engineering faculty member during the Summit. Please come prepared to ask questions of the interviewer as well.

Part III: Engineering Experience

You will get to look-in on capstone experiences, tour the MakerHub and see what your life as an engineering student will look like during this portion of the day.


If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Adina Briggs McConaughey at

Prior to Scholarship Summit, submit a 1-2 page letter describing your writing experience, the kind of writing you prefer, and the kind of literature you most enjoy reading. Your letter should include an explanation of why you want to major in English and your career aspirations. Email this letter as a Word document to Gary Tandy at

The Summit will consist of individual interviews with several department faculty. This will be an opportunity for us to learn more about you, your strengths, and goals and for you to learn more about our faculty and program.

If you have questions on any component of the summit, contact Gary Tandy at

As a participant in the Kinesiology Department Summit, you will need to submit the following information prior to the Summit:

A one-page resume that includes:
  • Your educational background – be sure to include your GPA
  • Your leadership, volunteer and extracurricular activities
  • Any additional skills, club membership or other items that you feel are important

On the day of the Summit you will meet with the Kinesiology Department Faculty who will ask you 3-4 questions that you will respond to orally. Additionally, you will be working together as a small group using content from a case study provided day-of.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship and to submit the requested materials, please contact Robbie Campy at

The history summit will consist of a group activity that will look like the following:

  • Students will receive an article to read before the event. They will hear a short lecture from a faculty member and then participate in a group discussion.

Time: This activity will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Caitlin Corning at

The math summit will consist of a 25-minute interview with members of the math faculty. The interviews may include questions relating to:

  • Preparation for college-level mathematics
  • Plans for your undergraduate program (major/minor, etc.)
  • Your interest in George Fox University
  • Your long-term ambitions

If you have any questions please contact Vetta Berokoff at

Incoming first-year and transfer students who plan to participate in music ensembles and continue their study through applied music lessons are eligible to audition for music scholarships. Awards will be given in the areas of voice, instrument and piano. 

Requirements for all auditions:

  • Strings, Brass and Woodwinds: Play two pieces of contrasting styles, and three scales of your choice in two to three octaves, as appropriate for your instrument. If you want to demonstrate jazz or fiddle playing, you may add a third piece to showcase these diverse styles of playing. Your total video should be under 10 minutes.
  • Percussion: Play one mallet piece and one drum piece (snare, timpani or multiple percussion). If you play drum kit, add an additional video of your kit playing, either alone or in an ensemble. Your total video should be under 10 minutes.
  • Piano: Audition length should be no more than 15 minutes. Perform three pieces in contrasting styles (i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Impressionistic, 20th century, Jazz, or Popular styles).
  • Voice: Perform two or three pieces in contrasting style (i.e. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century, Broadway, or Worship songs). Solo/ensemble literature is appropriate for the scholarship audition.

Requirements for virtual auditions only: 

  • Video audition submissions will require students to submit a video (see requirements below), then participate in a virtual interview, via Zoom, with one or more George Fox music professors. In this interview, we will ask you questions about your musical experience, musical goals, and answer any questions you have about music at Fox or any other questions related to the university. You will not perform during the live interview.
  • Please email a PDF of the music you are performing along with your video submission.
  • Please dress professionally for your video recording session, and ensure that your video background is appropriate.
  • Please ensure that the audio quality of your recording is of good quality, and does not distort or cut in and out. It does not have to be studio quality, but it should be a good representation of your real tone.
  • You may edit your video to splice together your pieces, though we prefer that each individual piece or scale is recorded without splicing.

You will need to submit the Music Scholarship Application and one Music Recommendation Form.

Note: Your audition will not take place the full allotted time. You will receive an individual audition time from the music department as it gets closer to the day.

Music scholarship recipients are required to be enrolled in a major music ensemble and take applied lessons each semester.

For further information, contact the professor in your area:

General questions should be directed to Kathy Harris at

Send a resume (.pdf format only) to one week prior to the assigned Summit date.


  • One (1) page that includes the following:
    • Include the number of hours spent on each
    • Education background
    • Leadership, volunteer, and extracurricular activities
    • Work and/or internship experiences
      • Include the number of hours spent on each

Case Study:
On the day of the Summit, students will be assigned to work in groups through a prioritization case study. Although the case study relates to patient care, no nursing knowledge is required.

Prior to the Summit, you will need to submit the following materials prior to our Summit date to Carol Jaquith at

  • Leadership and/or relevant volunteer experience (e.g. church, mission, community)
  • A short statement (300 words maximum) about why you are interested in the study of psychology
  • A writing sample (e.g. a paper written in high school; maximum two pages)

Prior to Scholarship Summit, you also need to read the article Current Issues and Advances in Misinformation Research, by Steven J. Frenda, Rebecca M. Nichols, and Elizabeth F. Loftus and come prepared to discuss it with faculty members from the psychology department.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Carol Jaquith at

The Social Work Summit is intended for students who are interested in studying social work. Social Work Education is grounded in the liberal arts, which provide the intellectual framework for the professional curriculum that prepares students for the practice of social work. Social Work is a helping profession that is committed to the well-being and human rights of every individual, group and community. Its goal is the enhancement or restoration of human social functioning and the creation of societal conditions favorable to this end. Particular attention is given to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and live in poverty. Social workers gain knowledge and abilities in order to offer them to others in service and empowerment.

Students who participate in this Summit will have an interview as well as be expected to answer the following question:

What social problems were evident in your community? How did you know and what should be done about it?

The written response for this question is expected to be completed during the Summit.

Time allowed: 50 minutes

Students will be invited to demonstrate their interest in and promise for study in Theology through reading a short text and participating in a group discussion moderated by our professors. At the time of the summit, each student will receive a text (perhaps a few paragraphs long) and will be given time to read and comment upon that text in the group.

After the group discussion, students may be asked to reflect in writing their thoughts on the discussion or on the text in general. Student responses in the group setting should demonstrate excellent analytical skills, attention to detail - both literary detail and in their interaction with fellow students - as well as collegiality, thoughtfulness, and careful listening to others in the discussion.

Note: If you have a documented physical or learning disability and need to make accommodations to participate or if you have other questions regarding this scholarship, please contact Jonelle Retsema at

Honors Program Fellowship Day

If you're interested in being in the George Fox University Honors Program, we invite you to participate in the Honors Fellowship Day on Dec. 2 for the opportunity to interview for acceptance into the program and a chance to win up to $5,000 in scholarships per year (you may also take part in Scholarship Summit and the Visitor Experience Scholarship for maximum scholarship potential*). To be considered, here's what you need to know:

Complete both your George Fox undergrad application and honors program supplemental application (including Academic Recommendation) by Nov. 8 for the opportunity to be invited to Fellowship Day, our premier honors scholarship event.

Honors program admissions decisions and scholarship awards will be determined after completing an applicant interview with one of our program faculty.

*Honors program students may win a maximum total award of $6,000 in addition to their merit scholarship. This includes Fellowship Day, the Visit Experience Scholarship, and Scholarship Summit awards from the university and is not guaranteed.

Artistic Achievement & Participation Awards

The George Fox University Artistic Achievement and Participation Awards are intended to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding talent and who intend to contribute to the George Fox University community through participation and involvement (but not necessarily as majors) in music or theatre. Awards vary between $1,000-$1,500 per year. To learn more about these opportunities, visit the additional scholarships page.

Note: Incoming students may not receive more than $5,000 in university-funded scholarships in addition to their academic merit scholarship, which includes scholarships awarded through Scholarship Summit.


Yes, all students must complete a George Fox admissions application and be admitted for the fall semester in order to be eligible to participate.

No! Department interviews take place in person or virtually, so you can choose the method that works best for your schedule. However, attending in person will satisfy all of the criteria for the George Fox Visit Experience Scholarship.

There is no catch.

We bet you have some sort of idea of what you’d like to major in - even if it’s between a couple of options. We encourage you to pick the one you’re leaning towards most and set off on your Summit journey

Once you are admitted to the university, you’ll receive an official invitation via email and also in your acceptance packet! Be on the lookout for both!

Once you’re admitted and have received your invitation to Scholarship Summit, you simply register for the subject most interesting to you.