Work hard. Learn about things worth knowing. Lean into faith. Choose the interests that bring you joy. Be challenged and challenge in return.

George Fox exists to provide a Be Known education to students who are transforming into tomorrow’s leaders and are learning to bring their perspectives to their passions.

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Great Books Honors Program

Love to learn through reading and discussion? The Honors Program replaces general education classes with a great-books curriculum that your cohort will discuss in a Socratic seminar style. Students who find joy in wrestling with life’s deeper questions will thrive in this supportive and challenging environment.

We hold tightly the values of respectful conversation, humility, and open-mindedness, and we seek to create students who carry those values to their lives after graduation.

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George Fox Digital: First Year Online

Immerse yourself in an online learning experience that empowers you to complete general education requirements remotely. You'll be taught by academically elite professors who know you by name, and you’ll be equipped with the tools to succeed through structure, accountability and engaging coursework. The big benefit: You can still graduate in four years – one online and three on campus.

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Study Abroad

Step outside your borders. George Fox offers endless options for travel in three different formats:

  • Study abroad for a semester at your choice of more than 30 locations around the world
  • Embark on a Juniors Abroad excursion for three weeks
  • Take a Summer Serve trip to assist an underserved population

We want every student who has a desire to explore life, their faith and their course of study abroad to have the opportunity to do so.

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General Education

George Fox provides a liberal arts education, which means your major is supplemented by classes that cover a wide variety of topics. These range from history to philosophy to art to science. We believe in challenging students with a well-rounded education and encourage students to integrate their area of study across all realms of knowledge.

We aspire to create a community of deep thinkers, truth seekers, and culture challengers.

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Sara Miller

Sara Miller, Class of 2020

My time at George Fox has certainly exceeded any expectations that I had for a college experience. Our program emphasizes using nursing to be Christ-like influencers on our patients, which has greatly affected my view of nursing and the impact that it can have on the people we care for.