George Fox University Honors Program

George Fox University Honors Program

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Read Deeply.
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George Fox University’s Honors Program sends students on a transformative journey into the most influential books in human history, equipping them to serve God in their chosen vocation.

Our students engage in deep conversation through small Socratic seminars, creating a transformative community committed to dialoging well by understanding before criticizing, reading with clarity, and embracing a diversity of perspectives.

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  • Engage in a joyfully rigorous great books program that honors the ideas, contributions and participation of others
  • Join a welcoming community of peers who are motivated by a keen love for learning, and professors who are dedicated to the intellectual and spiritual formation of their students
  • Apply values of human dignity to active discussion
  • Receive a world-class education wholly rooted in Christ

We do not promote academic elitism, but rather seek highly committed students willing to embark on an academic journey, one that transforms the soul and informs the mind. A successful honors student is diligent, curious, humble, charitable, respectful, open-minded and self-challenging.


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