Faculty & Staff

Program Dean

Photo of Abigail Favale

Dean, College of Humanities

Associate Professor of English

Core Faculty

Photo of Isaac Choi

Isaac Choi, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Photo of Ross McCullough

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Photo of Heather Ohaneson

Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Faculty Fellows

Photo of Joseph Clair

Executive Dean, Cultural Enterprise

Interim Director, School of Theology

Associate Professor, Theology and Culture

Photo of Caitlin Corning

Chair, Department of History and Politics

Professor of History

Photo of Brian Doak

Brian Doak, PhD

Associate Provost for Academic Innovation, Libraries, and Research

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Photo of Mark Hall

Mark Hall, PhD

Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Politics

Photo of Ekaterina Lomperis

Richard B. Parker Assistant Professor of Theology and Wesleyan Thought

Photo of Paul Otto

Paul Otto, PhD

Professor of History

Faculty Fellow, George Fox University Honors Program

Campus Coordinator for Role-Immersion Pedagogy

Photo of Leah Payne

Leah Payne, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology

Photo of Phil Smith

Phil Smith, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Photo of Ekaputra Tupamahu

Assistant Professor of New Testament

Director, Seminary Masters Programs


Photo of Helen Morse

Helen Morse

Administrative Assistant, Honors Program

Photo of Brenna McGuire

Brenna McGuire

Admissions Specialist, Honors Program

Photo of Cheri Hampton

Cheri Hampton

Executive Assistant to the Dean of the College of Humanities

Administrative Assistant, Department of Language and Literature

Administrative Assistant, Department of History and Politics

Honors Committee Members

Dr. Joseph Clair (Philosophy and Theology)
Dr. Caitlin Corning (History)
Dr. Brian Doak (Biblical Studies)
Dr. Ben Giudice (Civil Engineering)
Dr. Abigail Rine Favale (English)
Dr. Mark Hall (Political Science)
Dr. David Hansen (Computer Science)
Dr. Bill Jolliff (English)
Dr. Nate Peach (Business)
Dr. John Schmitt (Biology, Pre-med)
Dr. Steve Classen (Communication)
Dr. Sunggu Yang (Christian Ministries)