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Brian Doak

Brian Doak, PhD

Department Chair, College of Christian Studies

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies



Office Hours:

Brian Doak, PhD
PhD, Harvard University
MA, Missouri State University
BA, Evangel University

Teaching and Research Interests
: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; Hebrew language; history of interpretation; archaeology of the ancient Near East; comparative religion in the ancient world; the Book of Job; iconography and art history of the ancient Near East

Brian Doak, currently the department chair, joined the College of Christian Studies faculty in the fall of 2011. Previously, he taught a range of courses on the Bible, Classics and Hebrew language at Harvard University (Teaching Fellow, 2008–10) and Missouri State University (2004–06). Doak has conducted archaeological fieldwork with the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon (Israel), received the Aviram Prize for archaeological research (2012), and was awarded the George Fox University Undergraduate Researcher of the Year honor (2014).

Professor Doak is the author of four books: Phoenician Aniconism in its Mediterranean and Ancient Near Eastern Contexts (SBL Press, 2015); Consider Leviathan: Narratives of Nature and Self in Job (Fortress, 2014); The Bible: Ancient Context and Ongoing Community (coauthored with Steve Sherwood; Kendall Hunt, 2014); and The Last of the Rephaim: Conquest and Cataclysm in the Heroic Ages of Ancient Israel  (Ilex Foundation and the Center for Hellenic Studies, 2012).\

His more recent projects, all under contract with Oxford University press, include Heroic Bodies in Ancient Israel (2019); the Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean (coeditor, with Carolina López-Ruiz; 2019); and Ancient Israel's Neighbors (Essentials of Biblical Studies series; forthcoming in 2020). In addition to other reviews and essays, he has recently published articles in the Journal of Biblical Literature, Harvard Theological Review, Israel Exploration Journal, and the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.

Doak is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature and the Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions. He lives in Newberg with his wife and two daughters.