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Maybe you've heard of our Be Known promise? It's true online, too. In all of our digital educational offerings, you'll engage with experienced professors and be empowered to succeed through structure, accountability, and engaging coursework.

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Our Vision

Beginning already in the 1970s, George Fox has been a leader in providing flexible opportunities to our students for learning at a distance. Today, we offer an expanding set of options such as a First Year Online program, a full summer online term, flexible options for students to integrate fully online classes into their traditional schedule during the school year, public lectures for everyone, and more.

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George Fox Digital faculty are award winning teachers and scholars, experts in their fields, and public intellectuals integrating the best of faith and academics in their work.

First year online

First Year Online

Our First Year Online program equips students to graduate in four years–one online and three on campus. If you aren't quite ready to jump straight into traditional, in-person university education, this program empowers you to adjust to college courses from the comfort and convenience of your own home without losing a step in your four-year graduation timeline.

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Summer Online

Summer Online

For over a decade, our summer online program offers full-credit courses for less than half the price during an eight week term (June – July). Getting general education courses finished, such as many of those offered during our summer online program, puts you on a faster track to graduation—saving you time and money.

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Adult Degree Programs Online

Online Adult Degree Programs

Have you started your degree but didn't finish, and wondering how you might pick it back up again? 91% of our students who join our adult degree program cohorts earn their degree—at an average length of under two years (for those with an associate's degree or equivalent).

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The Johari Window

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Our team of videographers, producers, learning designers, and business strategists work to make sure our courses, videos, and educational experiences are targeted to the needs of our students. In all things, we seek to Be Known.

Photo of Brian Doak

Brian Doak, PhD

Vice President, George Fox Digital

Professor of Biblical Studies

Photo of Leah Payne

Leah Payne, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology

Photo of Shawn Daley

Shawn Daley

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Photo of Courtney Elrod

Courtney Elrod

Operations Manager, George Fox Digital

Photo of Gloria Doherty

Gloria Doherty, MDiv

Director of Digital Learning

Associate Professor

Photo of Jonah Sandford

Jonah Sandford, MATS

GFD Instructor

Photo of Min Soo Choi

Min Soo Choi

Video Producer

Photo of Kraig Pruett

Kraig Pruett

Video Producer

Photo of Kyle Swanson

Kyle Swanson

Video Producer

Photo of Caleb Weaver

Caleb Weaver

Video Producer