Through George Fox Digital, we offer online undergraduate courses during our Summer Online Program. Registration begins Feb. 24 for the 2021 term, and courses take place between June 7 and Aug. 1. Classes are open to anyone – to both students at George Fox and those outside the institution – and you may register for up to three per year.

Want to take online classes during the fall or spring semester? We're offering this through our new platform, the First Year Online program, hosted by George Fox Digital. Learn more


Online summer classes are offered at $499 per credit, less than half the price of our traditional undergraduate classes. Getting  general education courses finished, many of which are offered during our summer online program, puts you on a faster track to graduation – saving you time and money. 

Personal Attention

Whether we're teaching digitally or in person, we always strive to follow through on our " Be Known" promise. In the summer online program, all classes are taught by experienced George Fox faculty. All courses involve personal interaction with the instructor and chances to meet your classmates. 

How the Courses Work

Financial Aid Available

Current George Fox students may be able to use financial aid for summer classes. Contact your student financial aid counselor.

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Online Course List

We offer the following courses online during the summer of 2021.

Classes will run June 7 through Aug. 1 unless noted.

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Art, Beauty, and Truth (HUMA 290) Jillian Sokso
Art, Beauty, and Truth (HUMA 290) ) Jennifer Joy Loop
Art History Survey from 1450 (ARTS 217) Jennifer Joy Loop
Bible and Film (THEO 215) Sunggu Yang
Bible Survey (THEO 100) Brian Doak
The Book of Genesis (THEO 215) Brian Doak
Calculus I (MATH 201) Nick Willis
Calculus II (MATH 202) Nick Willis
Calculus III (MATH 301) Nick Willis
Christianity and the Problem of Evil (THEO 215) Brian Doak
College Algebra (MATH 180) Jill Beals
Cultural Anthropology (INTL 310 / SOCI 310) Young-Il Kim
Differential Equations with Linear Algebra (MATH 311) Corban Harwood
Engineering Statistics (MATH 330) Chad Stillinger
Foundations of Biology (BIOL 100) Amanda Robert
General Physics with Calculus I (PHYS 211) Todd Curtis
General Physics I (PHYS 201) Todd Curtis
General Psychology (PSYC 150) Chris Koch
History and Theology of Christianity (THEO 300) Sunggu Yang
Intercultural Communication (as either COMM 220 or 420) Courtney Anderegg
Introduction to Communication (COMM 100) Shannon Scott
Introduction to Latin American Literature (SPAN 420) David Martínez
Introductory Spanish I (SPAN 101) David Martínez
Navigating College to Career (CPAS 318) Wendy Flint
Pathophysiology (NURS 311) Lorretta Krautscheid
Philosophy and Literature: Lewis and Tolkein (HUMA 205) Gary Tandy
Physics of Everyday Life (PHYS 150) Chad Stillinger
Principles of Financial Accounting (ACCT 271) Seth Sikkema
Principles of Managerial Accounting (ACCT 272) Seth Sikkema
Principles of Sociology (SOCI 150) Young-Il Kim
Statistical Procedures (MATH 240) Jill Beals
World of Math (MATH 150) Neal Ninteman and Pete Rusaw