Isaac Choi, PhD

Director, Honors Program

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Teaching and research interests

  • Philosophy of religion and analytic theology
  • The nature and epistemology of expertise
Isaac Choi

As an undergraduate at Harvard College, Isaac Choi studied physics and chemistry, focusing on quantum chemistry and biological chemistry, but he was also fascinated by the philosophical and theological questions raised by contemporary science. He received two masters from Princeton Theological Seminary in philosophy and theology, writing a thesis on divine action, quantum mechanics, and computer simulations.

Dr. Choi’s doctoral dissertation in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame was on the nature and epistemology of expertise, centered on the question of how we should decide between disagreeing experts. He also has research interests in philosophy of religion and analytic theology, including petitionary prayer, the metaphysics and epistemology of divine action, the cosmological fine-tuning argument for the existence of God, theological and philosophical anthropology, and the epistemic significance of tradition and majority opinion in theology. His academic publications are listed here, and each of them can downloaded in electronic form from the George Fox library.

Dr. Choi held a postdoctoral research fellowship in philosophy at the University of Oxford, and before joining the George Fox faculty in 2018, he was a visiting fellow at the Rivendell Institute at Yale University, writing and speaking on philosophy of religion, religion and science, and Christian spirituality and spiritual formation. He met his wife Laura during their college years in Boston, and they are parents to two children.

PhD, University of Notre Dame
MDiv, ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary
AB, Harvard College

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