What is the Cornerstone Core Curriculum?

A general education program created to form each student as a whole person. Every student will be formed within the context of biblical truth and Christ's character. Discover liberal arts through the Great Commandment: Love God and love your neighbor. This is not general education as you've known it. This is deeper. More intentional. 

What purpose do these courses serve?

Each course is designed to deepen faith, broaden worldview, and cultivate character formation.

What will I study in the Cornerstone Core?

We offer 12 courses across 10 liberal arts academic disciplines including: writing, mathematics, general science, history, theology, art, literature, communication, sociology, and psychology!

How will these courses help me grow in my faith?

Each course explores and cultivates a specific virtue: empathy, love, hope, clarity, faith, creativity, patience, justice, humility

Why did George Fox create the Cornerstone Core? 

To equip students to find their purpose and become Christian leaders who will guide our world into the future.

Do I have to take Bible classes?

You get to take Bible classes! All students participate in theology and Bible courses as part of our general education package. You'll participate in vibrant discussions with fellow classmates and professors. God’s redemption story for the world will take new shape as you learn more about biblical history.

Are chapel services offered?

Yes. Students attend one of our five chapels options at least 15 times over the course of each semester. Learn from guest speakers, worship in community, and explore the spiritual disciplines as you draw closer to Christ.

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