Student activities are one of my absolute favorite things about being a student at George Fox. There is something fun to participate in almost every single week. I remember being a freshman, having not gone to any activities yet, and being so nervous about what I should wear, or if I had packed enough things for these events. So, what should you bring to be prepared for student activities?

Team Spirit 

Let’s start with our football games! Football games are so fun, and there is a new theme every week. Some classics used every year are “White-out,” “Blue Zone,” “Neon” and “Western.” Make sure you bring your George Fox gear to these games and maybe some facepaint if you really want to impress. Show up early for good seats, and don't forget your team spirit.


Next, my personal favorite events: the dances. The ’80s Dance is bright. It’s fun. It’s loud. Why not be that way in what you wear? This night will be filled with neon clothes and glow sticks. I suggest comfy shoes, and remember: It will be hot. 

We also have more formal dances. Girls tend to wear long, midi or short dresses, depending on the event. Boys are in button-ups or polos, slacks and dress shoes. For both parties, I suggest bringing an extra pair of sneakers so you can dance the night away.

Students at the 80s dance

Other Events 

The Amazing Race is a student favorite. You will be running for this one, so bring your athletic gear. The same applies to our Bruin Brawls!

Lastly, let’s talk about the Jamboree. I love this event. It is the best excuse to wear some good cowboy boots and Western attire (this can double as your outfit for a Western-themed football game!).

This isn’t a list of all the amazing activities George Fox has in store for you, but it covers the most highly anticipated ones. I hope I was able to help calm your “what to wear” nerves just a little. 

No matter what activity you're attending, be sure to dress comfortably and have fun!

Ultimate student events packing list:


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