An MBA: What is it anyway?

It's an opportunity to develop leadership skills! This helps you strategically plan the next step in your career. 

Why pursue an MBA?

Shouldn't I work before I consider an MBA?

Not necessarily! Pursuing an MBA immediately after undergrad positions you for success. Take a strategic bet on yourself and thrive in your chosen industry long term.

I haven't taken any business classes. Is that a problem?

No! We'll provide modules in accounting, marketing, economics, and statistics so you'll be ready to excel in the MBA program in the fall!

Are there networking opportunities? 

Absolutely! Join a community of alumni working in the industry, including: Nike, Intel, OHSU, A-Dec, and Apple.

How will the MBA program shape my leadership?

There's more to business than the bottom line. Learn to navigate the complex business world as an ethical leader.


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