We want you to have fun here at George Fox! After all, it’s the wonderful, gifted, crazy-smart students like you that make this campus come alive. That said, we know balancing academics and everyday life can be hard.

Here are four of our favorite tips to help you make the most of your time on campus.

#1 Schedule Fun

When you live in the Northwest, adventure awaits around every corner. Take advantage of all the things you want to do by purposely planning them into your schedule. Weekends spent skiing at Mt. Hood or paddling down the Willamette River create unforgettable memories. Planning ahead of time will help you enjoy these times worry-free and to the fullest.

#2 Don't Believe the Multitasking Myth

Multitaskers are the career rock stars, the organization legends and the envy of everyone at work. They’re also non-existent. The brain can’t wholly focus on more than one thing at once; it just doesn’t work that way. However, what our brains can do is called task-switching. And in this modern age, many of us are adept at it.

Instead of expecting yourself to study flash cards, write an essay and binge-watch the last season of your favorite TV show all at once, make the most of your homework time. Focus only on the task at hand and take a small break every half-hour. You’ll get higher quality work done in a shorter amount of time, and you’ll still get to watch a bit of your show!


#3 Ask for Help

For many, college is the first step toward independence. It’s easy to equate independence with doing everything on your own, but that’s not always the case. In fact, adulting requires us to learn how to ask for help. Don’t wait until you’re already at your breaking point. Talk with friends and family or schedule an appointment at the Academic Resource Center, Health and Counseling Center, or Spiritual Life – we’re here to see you thrive!

#4 Take Time to Relax

It can get tricky to strike a balance between school, work and everything else. But remember, college is an investment in you. Make self-care time a priority at least once or twice a month. This can mean catching movie a with friends at the 99W drive-in theater, spending some quality alone time with a hammock and a good book, or exploring different hiking trails near campus. Even scheduling in a nap can make a world of difference!



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