Move-in day is approaching! After months of supply-list making, getting advice from every direction on what to bring, and looking up the best advice on how to pack for college, the time has finally come to pick your home base for next year!

With many options to choose from, there is a perfect freshman housing spot for everyone. Whether you are the social or not-so-social type, late riser or morning-stroll-before-classes type, there is a living area for every personality. So, to help out with this big decision of where to call home, read this helpful guide to freshman housing on campus.

Gulley Hall


Do you love showing up to support athletics? Located close to Stoffer Family Stadium, Gulley is the place to be if you never want to miss an opportunity to show off your school spirit! This hall is known for its lively atmosphere, so if you enjoy being surrounded by people who are up for anything and love to have fun, this freshman housing option may be the perfect pick for you.

In addition to its convenient location next to the stadium, Gulley is a short walk away from Canyon Commons, so you’ll never have to worry about being late for breakfast. 

Not only is the location ideal for social types, the large dorm rooms allow for awesome hangout spots and game nights with friends. The spacious two-person dorm with moveable furniture provides the perfect hosting space as well as plentiful storage options. 



Are you looking for a place to relax but also to be just a hop, skip and jump away from all the action? HMS is the place for those looking for some balance. With a central lobby connecting Sutton (the men’s dorm) with Hobson and Macy (the women’s dorms), you’ll have the opportunity to spend time with friends during study breaks!

Located just off the main hub of campus, HMS offers the perfect place to get some peace and quiet in the homey dorm rooms. With a sand volleyball court just behind the building, a basement housing a movie room, a piano and space for games, you can rest assured that the action is not too far away. 

Also, HMS’ close proximity to the Hadlock Student Center and Canyon Commons allows you to make your room an oasis to come back to and relax with the guarantee that right out your door are friends and fun!

The Suites


Are you looking to experience the full beauty of Oregon while on campus? Lucky for you, campus is beautifully decorated in greenery and flowers in the spring, so you are always surrounded by the beauty our state has to offer.

However, if you are looking for an even more immersive “outdoors” living experience, The Suites – Beebe, Carey, and Willcuts – are located in Hess Creek Canyon. Running through the heart of campus, the trails are just outside your door, so the adventurer in you can enjoy a nature walk to class. 

The large rooms allow for plentiful space for you and your roommates, with the added luxury of a private bathroom. The Suites are the perfect place for those looking for a little more seclusion with the opportunity to venture out.

Another awesome feature of The Suites is the covered fire pit located right next to the dorms. Call some friends over for hot dogs and s’mores by the fire and enjoy each other's company!

Edwards Hall


A place perfect for both introverts and extroverts, Edwards Hall, with its centrally located lobby, provides the ideal place to develop a tight-knit community right at home. With women on one side and men on the other, the lobby offers space to come together with friends, whether it’s to study or play an intense game of ping pong.

If you are looking to escape for a bit, this spacious dorm provides the perfect place to get away. With its big windows, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Hess Creek Canyon right in your backyard. Not only do you get the big windows, you also get to take advantage of plenty of storage space with large closets and loftable beds. 

Edwards Hall is the place to call home if you are looking for both a welcoming and peaceful living area for your first year at Fox. 

Pennington Hall


Last, but certainly not least, we have Pennington Hall, the best freshman housing option for those who are looking for a central location. Being right next to the quad you will always be near the action. Step outside and surely you will find a friend or two enjoying some time in the quad playing Spikeball or slacklining. 

Choosing Pennington guarantees those late risers a pretty substantial chance of getting to class on time, as you are located right next to all of the main academic buildings. Whether you are looking for that short walk to class or fun right outside your door, you will have the opportunity to be a part of it all! 

With a large lobby and plenty of opportunities for interaction, Pennington Hall gives you the chance to live with your friends and, of course, make more in your first year of college.

Find Your Home at Fox 

While the big move from one home to the next is a bit intimidating, just know that in your first year at Fox you’ll find your home away from home. Whether you are looking to enjoy it all or take the experience one step at a time, the diverse housing options for freshmen give you the opportunity to make your college experience your own. 

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