Have you ever heard the term “first generation” or “first-gen”? This language is talked about frequently in regards to college students, but can sound ambiguous. The definition of a first-generation student is “scholars for whom neither parent/guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree.”

Students are considered “first generation” even if:

At George Fox, we believe first-generation college students are legacy starters. We have resources on campus for them, including a first-generation student success coordinator in our Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) who helps these students by putting on special events for them, meeting with them for support, and overseeing a personal first-gen mentorship program (LEAD). We also have a first-gen welcome ceremony during Welcome Weekend and a first-gen pinning ceremony during graduation weekend.

A few first-generation resources and opportunities include:

Once at George Fox, you can also get in contact with other first-generation students, both in your grade and upperclassmen, through the IRC. We want to support you while introducing you to our community of other first-gen students. Our goal is to equip you and help you find your voice and succeed at the university and beyond!

If you are a first-generation student or the parent/guardian of one, we in the admissions office would love to connect with you and help you navigate the admissions process and any financial aid questions you may have! We want to be your resource during this time. Find and contact your admissions counselor.

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