Applying for college admission can be a stressful time for students and families alike, especially if it’s the first child in the family to do so. It is hard to know where you, as a parent or guardian, fit into the college decision journey and how to help! We wanted to give you tips and advice about how to support your student through this process as well as let you know that you are not alone !

1. Remind them to check their email (and check yours!).

We send many updates through email, including reminders for important deadlines and scholarship opportunities! These emails will update you on all things George Fox as a parent or guardian.

2. Quiz them about important dates (and help them find them if they don’t know).

One of our most important dates is our Early Action deadline for our application! It is November 1. If students apply before this date, they have an additional scholarship opportunity and will hear back about their admissions decision by Christmas!

We also have a couple of deposit deadlines. Our enrollment deposit is $300 and is fully refundable up until May 1! If students deposit before January 15 or March 15, they are able to choose where they live on campus.

See a full list of important dates .

family with their student

3. Come along on tours and visits if possible.

Visits are pivotal for students to start to picture themselves on campus and for opportunities to ask questions about the university as well. It is important for a student to pick the best fit for them and families often help with the decision as they know their student's needs and desires . We want you to feel just as comfortable and happy as your student on campus!

4. Discuss finances and look over their financial aid packet with them.

Students need help to file their FAFSA. It asks for parent/guardian information and is hard to navigate by themselves. Typically the FAFSA takes about 50 minutes to complete and you will need a few things to finish it:

Help your student compare financial aid packets with other schools they may have applied to. They can be confusing sometimes! It is best to look through and find the final price after aid for each institution.  More aid doesn’t always mean the school is less expensive. It is also helpful to double check that scholarships and awards are annual versus one-time.

parents praying with their incoming freshman

5. Check in with them regularly to see if they have been keeping up with their admissions responsibilities.

High school (or college) can get busy for students! Sometimes they need a quick reminder to be doing admissions tasks, such as: the application, applying for scholarships or scheduling a good time to visit!

6. Reach out to your student’s admissions counselor if you need any support through the process.

We, in the admissions office, want to help you and your student however we can! You can find your family’s admissions counselor on our contact page .

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