IGNITE Program

“How do I prepare for my career – and who can help me get there?”

If you’ve asked this question, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s foremost on the minds of most students. The Ignite mentorship program creates an opportunity for students to be matched with Christian industry professionals to develop critical skills for successful career discovery and inspiration.

How it Works

IGNITE is all about Relationships. You will meet one-on-one a minimum of once a month with your mentor. These connections will help you to expand your network while developing soft skills, gaining real-world career perspective and building professional acumen.

Mentors offer personalized insight into job choices, professional habits, networking skills, and more, as well as practical guidance and perspectives that industry professionals are uniquely qualified to provide..

Business Mentors

Mentors represent a wide range of majors with degrees in management, global business, accounting, organizational communication, public health, sociology, journalism and more. Nearly half of our mentors are alumni of George Fox University.

Industry professionals mentoring our College of Business students represent over 45 companies:


Qualified junior and senior students are nominated by professors or staff. Students who are interested in being nominated are encouraged to talk with a professor.

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Brandy Walton

College of Business Ignite Director, Assistant Professor of Business