Dirk Barram, PhD
Dean, School of Business
Professor of Business

Justine Haigh, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing

Ryan Halley, PhD

Chair, Undergraduate Business and Economics
Professor of Finance

Thomas F. Head, MS, MA
Professor of Economics

Craig E. Johnson, PhD

Professor of Leadership Studies

E. Alan Kluge, PhD

Professor of Business

David Ming Liu, DBA
Assistant Professor of Management

Christopher P. Meade, PhD

Chair/Director of MBA Programs
Assistant Professor of Management

Annette Nemetz, MBA

Assistant Professor of Management

Mary Olson, PhD
MBA Director, Boise Center
Assistant Professor of Management

Nate Peach, PhD
Assistant Professor of Economics

Tim Rahschulte, PhD

Associate Professor of Business

Josh Sauerwein, MBA, CPA
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Debora K. Sepich, MBA
Assistant Professor of Management and Marketing

Paul Shelton, PhD
Chair/Director, Doctor of Business Administration
Associate Professor of Management

Seth Sikkema, MBA, CPA (CA)
Associate Professor of Accounting

Jim Steele, EdD, GPHR, SPHR
Associate Professor of Management

Jeff VandenHoek, MA
Director of Business Relations

Debra Drecnik Worden, PhD
Professor of Business and Economics

Chengping Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance

Bill Stevens, MBA
Instructor of Finance

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