Leave of Absence

Traditional undergraduate students may take a maximum of one semester leave from the university before being officially withdrawn, after which time readmission is necessary to return to coursework. The adult degree program and graduate programs allow up to one year leave before the student is withdrawn (some programs may have more strict guidelines on the use or length of leaves of absence). Students who desire a leave of absence must officially notify the Registrar's Office by completing the online Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form located in MyGeorgeFox (login required) under the Student Resources section, under University Forms.

Leaves of absence for traditional undergraduate students must be approved by student life and the registrar's office.  Leaves of absence for graduate and adult degree program students must be approved by their program director.

Completion of the official leave of absence process allows students continued access to their university email account and MyGeorgeFox. Students remain admitted to their original program of study and are not required to be readmitted through the admissions office (unless exceeding the allowable time limits for a leave of absence for their program).

Return From Leave of Absence

Return from a leave of absence may require notification to registrar's office staff to be able to register for classes for the semester of return. Following a return from a leave of absence, students will still complete program requirements as established in the university catalog in effect at the time they were admitted to the institution. Students who are readmitted to the university following withdrawal must complete the program requirements as established in the university catalog in effect the semester of readmission.

Medical Leave of Absence

Students under the care of a physical or mental health professional may be recommended to take a leave from classes for a short time (within the limits stated above for general leaves of absence for each program). Under these circumstances, a student may be placed on a medical leave of absence. Return from a medical leave requires authorization from a physical or mental health professional for the student to return to activities at the institution. Registration will not be allowed until such authorization is received.