Official Withdrawal from the University

To officially cease enrollment at George Fox University either during or at the end of a semester/enrollment period, the student must notify the registrar’s office of their departure via the online Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form located in MyGeorgeFox (login required) under the Student Resources section, under University Forms. Any other means of communication to the university is not considered official notification. The official withdrawal date is the date on which the student submits the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form.

As an alternative to officially withdrawing from the university, students may instead take a leave of absence.

End-of-Semester Withdrawal

If a student withdraws from the university after the end of a semester and before the beginning of their subsequent semester then all future enrollment will be dropped with no grade penalty.

Mid-Semester Withdrawal

If a student withdraws from the university during a semester their class enrollments will be managed based on the university’s established rules for the add/drop and withdrawal periods, taking into account session dates. Once the last day of the semester has passed a mid-semester withdrawal is not available and will be processed as an end-of-semester withdrawal. Any student who withdraws from the university mid-semester is not eligible to be readmitted to the institution until the beginning of a subsequent semester.

General Information

Withdrawn students lose enrollment privileges immediately following their withdrawal from the university. These services may include, but are not limited to, email, library, student activities, food service, on-campus housing, health, and other related services associated with enrolled student status.

The student is responsible to return all institutional property to the appropriate office or department, such as library books, keys, athletic equipment, and lab equipment. Students are financially responsible for all items not returned.

The student will be notified by Student Financial Services of financial obligations when the withdrawal calculation is completed. For a copy of or examples of the removal of institutional charges policy, please contact Student Accounts.

Rescind Notification of Intent to Withdraw

If a student wishes to cancel his or her official withdrawal from the institution that student must submit written notification to the registrar’s office. This rescinds the student's notification of intent to withdraw. The university reserves the right to deny withdrawal rescindment.

Unofficial Withdrawal

If a student fails to follow the official withdrawal process during a semester and ceases to attend, he or she will be considered to have unofficially withdrawn. Generally the student will be awarded F grades for all courses affected by an unofficial withdrawal. The student will be responsible for all tuition and fees for the semester. For information on impact to financial aid, please see the Removal of Federal Aid - Unofficial withdraw policy.

Passive Withdrawal

If a student fails to enroll in a subsequent required semester (based on continuous enrollment requirements for their program) without following the official withdrawal/leave of absence procedure, they will be passively withdrawn from the university and must seek readmission.


An appeal of the established withdrawal date is to be submitted in writing to the registrar's office within 60 days from the established withdrawal date.