Employee International Travel at George Fox

George Fox values experiential learning, both locally and globally. The Center for Study Abroad is committed to providing experiences where our students interact with different cultures in a safe and transformative experience.

This page serves as a resource to help university employees navigate the procedures and protocols associated with university international travel.

Please note: This information pertains to those traveling internationally who are not affiliated with Juniors Abroad or Semester Abroad. Please visit those respective sites to learn about travel associated with those programs.

International Travel Policy

Students and educators traveling through one of George Fox’s established international travel opportunities are required to complete all protocols and procedures, abide by all policies, and comply with all deadlines outlined in the International Travel Handbook.  Failure to do so may result in the group or student’s suspension from travel through the university, including withholding of funding and institutional support.


Policies and Procedures

In order to ensure student safety and health, all participants in off-campus programs at George Fox are required to follow set policies and procedures outlined in university handbooks.

The safety of our students is a top priority as we travel around the world. Always insist that students travel in groups when they are not with the main group. In many parts of the world, women should always be accompanied by men. If students continually go off on their own in what you perceive as a dangerous situation, you have the authority to send them home.

See the Safety and Travel Tip Handbook and visit our Policies page for more information.

Trip Goals

International travel experiences have been available to George Fox students for years. These can be enriching times of learning and cultural exposure that create memories that last a lifetime. The policies and procedures are designed to:

The hope is that, through following these policies and protocols, both students and employees will remain safe as they travel.

Before You Go

Planning ahead is key. Visit this page to get specifics on what you need to do to prepare for your international travel experience. You will need to complete an International Travel Form to provide trip specifics, register your trip with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), and register for insurance, among other tasks.

Safety Education

Be sure to familiarize yourself with all the protocols in place to ensure a safe trip. 

Emergency Information

Use this page as a resource for all things related to emergency situations. Included are  protocols concerning student illness/injury, leader illness, terrorism or natural disasters, sexual misconduct and sexual assault, the death of a student overseas, and procedures to send a student home.

Contact Us

Have questions about international travel? Reach out to the Center for Study Abroad.

David Martinez

Associate Professor of Spanish

Director, Center for Study Abroad

Wendi Upjohn-Hankel

Wendi Upjohn-Hankel

Assistant Director, Center for Study Abroad