In Case of Emergency

Be prepared for emergencies. Someone invariably will have to see the doctor or go to the hospital. The best source of information is the Chubb insurance phone number or Internet (see insurance section). Hotels can also be of help in directing you to medical care.

In case of Emergency always contact Chubb AND the Center for Study Abroad office. 

If money is stolen or there are other emergencies for which you need help, please contact the University, either the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Study Abroad. It is good to communicate safety concerns multiple times with students.

Group leaders need to communicate clearly where students should meet in the event of an emergency, civil unrest, terrorist attack or other political or cultural crisis in country. It is recommended that this meeting point be the current accommodation.  The University is to be contacted immediately.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • George Fox Center for Study Abroad – +1 - 503-554-2150
  • George Fox Campus Public Safety – +1 - 503-554-2090
  • Lynn Scott (cell phone) - +1 – 503-550-3299 (available 24/7)

1 = USA country code (to call to another country besides the US, you will need to know their country code)

Emergency Communication Protocols

There are several lines of communication that need to be established in order for emergency information to be communicated effectively from one party to another.  The following outlines the protocols for communicating information from one party to another. 

Parent to Student Notification

In the event of an emergency, the parent may:

  1. Contact their student directly (the student must then contact the group leader), or
  2. Contact the emergency contact number for the faculty trip leader, or
  3. Contact the George Fox University Center for Study Abroad Office.  If that Office is unavailable, they should contact Campus Public Safety.  University officials will then contact the study abroad group leader.  The leader will get the information to the student as soon as possible, and assist the student in contacting their parents.

Student to Parent Notification

If the student has emergency information that needs to be communicated to the parent, they may:

  1. Contact the parent directly and inform the faculty leader, or
  2. Contact the faculty leader who will assume responsibility for getting information to the parent, either by contacting the parent directly or by contacting the University Center for Study Abroad Office, who will then contact the parent. (If the Center for Study Abroad is closed, the group leader should contact Campus Public Safety.)

Group Leader to University

In the event that a group leader needs to communicate information to University officials, the group leader should contact the Center for Study Abroad.  If the Center for Study Abroad is unavailable, the call should go to Security Services, who will contact the appropriate University officials to work with the group leader.