Procedures to Send a Student Home

  1. The faculty leader must communicate with the Center for Study Abroad office and/or the Academic Affairs Office (AAO) about the situation before sending the student home.
  2. The faculty leader must keep written documentation relating to all relevant behavior of the student to be sent home.
  3. The faculty leader must keep written documentation and receipts of all arrangements and costs pertaining to sending the student home.
  4. Student needs to contact parent/guardian in the presence of the faculty leader. If parent/guardian does not answer the phone the student must leave a message giving instructions to the parent to return a call to either the faculty leader or Center for Study Abroad or AAO.  If the parent/guardian does not call that day, the Center for Study Abroad or AAO must contact the parent/guardian.
  5. The Faculty leader and Center for Study Abroad will work out the best way to bring the student home (change current ticket for a fee or purchase new ticket). The faculty leader and/or GFU will pay for all expenses and add these charges to the student’s account. Student will be responsible for all costs incurred to bring them home: taxi, bus, hotel, airline ticket, etc. Faculty leader needs to inform student that they may also be responsible to pay the GFU portion of the trip cost.
  6. Faculty leader must escort student to the airport and stay with them until they are checked in.
  7. Once the student has checked in, the student is responsible to make all connections as they travel home.
  8. Center for Study Abroad office will communicate with the parents all details of the return trip once finalized.
  9. Center for Study Abroad office will notify the International Risk Management Team and other appropriate university personnel of the incident.
  10. Faculty leader will meet with the Director of Center for Study Abroad upon return from the trip. 
  11. Faculty leader must submit detailed documentation and copies of all receipts regarding the incident.
  12. Center for Study Abroad office will create a student incident file, which will contain copies of all documents.