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Program Overview
In conjunction with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, George Fox students can participate in the Middle East Studies Program (MESP), based in Amman Jordan, seeks to prepare students to live the Christian life in a world that is religiously and culturally pluralistic. The program allows CCCU students to explore the complex and strategic world of the modern Middle East. The interdisciplinary seminars give students the opportunity to explore the diverse religious, social, cultural and political traditions of Middle Eastern peoples. Students also study the Arabic language and work as volunteers with various organizations. Students experience intense encounters that manifest different worldviews while living in a supportive MESP community. Through travel, MESP students are exposed to the diversity and dynamism of the region. At a time of tension and change in the Middle East, MESP encourages and equips students to relate to the Muslim world in an informed, constructive and Christ centered manner.

Course contentMESP
Three interdisciplinary seminars are offered: "Islamic Thought and Practice," "Conflict and Change in the Middle East," and "Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East," "Introduction to Arabic Language".

An integral aspect of any cross-cultural educational experience is time to interact with citizens of the host country. The MESP includes opportunities for interaction with local Jordanians, guest speakers, and service project personnel. Because of these and other events like home stays, students are able to experience the life, language, and hospitality of the local culture. Students will learn more about the israeli-Palestianian conflict form a Non-partisan perspective, grow spiritually as you learn about Middle Eastern Christianity and its interaction with Islam.  

Students will travel (conditions permitting) to some of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world, and journey to Turkey, Morocco, Israel, and Palestine. 

Program Fees
Students pay their regular George Fox tuition and room and aboard and continue to receive all of their financial aid. Due to the high cost of some programs an additional fee may be charged. The student is responsible for round trip airfare. There also may be an additional charge for a visa. The fee does include emergency travel insurance.

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application
The MESP application should only be completed after being informed from the Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.
• Middle East Studies application

Students must be full-time undergraduates with junior or senior status, holding a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to apply.

Students will be living in a furnished apartment in the western part of Amman, Jordan. The apartments are in the same family apartment complex as the MESP staff. The building is located in a quiet residential neighborhood within easy walking distance of stores, restaurants, coffee shops, banking, transportation, parks, and more. All of the apartments are fully furnished and have washing machines and wireless internet.  Each apartment houses at least four students and, in most cases, bedrooms are shared. You will also spend several days living with a local family.  (A weekly stipend for personal groceries, plus some shared meals. All meals will also be provided during regional travel.) Washing machines are available at no cost (must provide own detergent, softener)

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