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This program is offered in collaboration with Veritas Christian Study Abroad at the Konkuk University in Seoul, Korea. South Korea (or the Republic of Korea) is one of the most highly developed and stable democracies in East Asia. The history of civilization on the Korean peninsula dates back almost 4,000 years, and the country itself has existed since 1948. Veritas is a division of  International Studies Abroad (ISA).  You will be attending classes with ISA students as well as Veritas students

Students are required to take a Comparative Religions course or an International Missions/Service-learning practicum taught by local Veritas staff, and a beginning language course. The remainder of the courses will be taken at Konkuk University.  

This program includes several excursions including trips to Busan, Bueyo and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

Program Fees
Students pay their regular George Fox tuition and room and aboard and continue to receive all of their financial aid. Due to the high cost of some programs an additional fee may be charged.  The student is responsible for round trip airfare. There also may be an additional charge for a visa. The fee does include emergency travel insurance.

The student will fill out two applications:
• George Fox off-campus application form
The Veritas Christian Study Abroad application should only be completed after being informed from the George Fox Director of Study Abroad that you are accepted for an off-campus study semester.
• Veritas Christian Study Abroad application (An application fee must accompany your application)

Students must be full-time undergraduates with junior or senior status, holding a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher to apply.

Students will stay in one of three Korea University Dormitories: CJ International House, Anam Global House and Anam Hall 2, based on availability and placements. During summer programs at Korea University, Frontier House dormitory will be available for students. Veritas students will live with other local Korean students and international students

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