Core Courses

Masters in teaching classes at George Fox University

Each MAT degree consists of an identical 36-semester-credit sequence of core courses and field experiences. While MAT formats may differ somewhat in course load and sequence, every George Fox graduate earns the MAT degree through the same cohesive and well-articulated program of courses.

The Learner and Learning (9 credits)

MATG 503  Diverse Populations
MATG 510  Human Development with Developmental Psychology and Learning Theory
MATG 580  Classroom Management and Behavioral Support

Instructional Practice (6 credits)

MATG 502  Structures for Teaching and Learning
MATG 560  Foundations of Language and Literacy

Specialization (5 credits)

MATG 55X course series: In-depth knowledge and training in teaching within specialized content areas

Early childhood/elementary and elementary/middle school teachers take courses in language arts; mathematical thinking; and the integration of science, art, social studies and music into the curriculum.

Secondary/middle school teachers take content-specific pedagogy courses as well as courses for mid-level education.

Professional Course (2 credits)

MATG 501  The Professional Educator

Action Research and Practicum (14 credits)

MATG 521 Action Research I
MATG 522 Action Research II
MATG 576 Clinical Practicum I
MATG 577 Clinical Practicum II

For complete course descriptions and titles, see the George Fox catalog.