Core Courses

Each MAT degree consists of an identical 36-semester-credit sequence of core courses and field experiences. While MAT formats may differ somewhat in course load and sequence, every George Fox graduate earns the MAT degree through the same cohesive and well-articulated program of courses.

Curriculum Plan

Education Core Courses (19 hours)

MATG 501 The Professional Educator 1
MATG 503 Diverse Populations 3
MATG 506 Curriculum and Instruction 2
MATG 507 Assessment design and Implementation 2
MATG 510 Human Development with Developmental Psychology and Learning Theory 3
MATG 521 Action Research for Teachers I 1
MATG 522 Action Research for Teachers II 2
MATG 560 Foundations of Language and Literacy 3
MATG 580 Classroom Management and Behavioral Support 2

Practicum Courses (11 hours)

MATG 576 Clinical Practicum I 4
MATG 577 Clinical Practicum II 5
MATG 581 Classroom Management II: Seminar 1
MATG 590 Professional Seminar 1

Specialization (6 hours-must select one option)

Single Subject
MATG 555 Secondary Content Pedagogy 2
MATG 555 Secondary Content Pedagogy 2
MATG 558 Teaching in the Middle 2
Multiple Subjects
MATG 550 Elementary Pedagogy in Science and STEAM Education 1
MATG 551 Pedagogy of Language Arts 2
MATG 553 Pedagogy of Mathematical Thinking 3

For complete course descriptions and titles, see the George Fox catalog.