Student Perspective

Janice Scudder, MAT Janice Scudder, MAT
First-Grade Teacher, Woodburn School District

"I love my job so much, not only because of the wonderful people I work with every day – faculty, staff and especially those fantastic first-graders – but because I am current, informed, and able to make a positive contribution to my students' learning. George Fox gave me the tools to be the best teacher I can be."

Marcelo Peralta Marcelo Peralta
Sixth-Grade Teacher, Valor Middle School, Woodburn, Ore.

"Being a teacher is not something I am doing for the money. But you know, we have another kind of motivation: seeing the kids performing well and going to university."

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Scott Gragg, MAT Scott Gragg, MAT
Assistant Coach, University of Montana

"I really am thankful for the quality of instruction that I received at George Fox. The MAT program's focus on 'preparing and supporting professionals who think critically, transform practice, and promote justice' provides a meaningful and dynamic environment that directly connects one's preparation to application in the classroom and on the football field. I continue to incorporate Fox's MAT instructional approach into my role as a collegiate coach."

Megan Love, MAT Megan Love, MAT
Sixth-Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher, Sherwood Middle School, Sherwood, Ore.

"I chose the MAT program at George Fox because of its strong reputation among the teaching community, and because of the positive experience I had as an undergraduate student at GFU prior to the program. Christianity and culture are of the utmost importance to me in my life, and so I would naturally seek to blend them into my educational experience as well. The George Fox MAT program has transformed my practice as an educator by enabling me to think critically and promote justice within my classroom on a daily basis."

Benjamin Dalgas, MAT Benjamin Dalgas, MAT
Language Arts Teacher, Claggett Middle School, Salem, Ore.

"George Fox educators led us into experiencing education in new transformational and inspirational ways. I found out that not only were they wonderful models of best practices, but they were also excellent mentors and instructional coaches.

"A second aspect of the MAT program that was important to me was the focus on promoting justice. George Fox faculty not only believed in the mission of the school, they acted on it. They modeled strategies rather than just theorizing them. We not only learned to identify injustices, but we were challenged to collaboratively explore solutions to injustice that existed within our pre-service teaching environments."

Wendy DeYoung, MAT Wendy DeYoung, MAT

"I chose the George Fox MAT program because many of my 
friends and family members attested to its high reputation, and they raved about the experience of their education as a whole person – more than the sum of the parts.

"When I started the program, it didn't take long before the workload made me question if this direction was from God. Then I saw my homework for the week written on the board: 'Find the Scripture that brought you to the decision of becoming a teacher.' Then I realized my education and career as a teacher was to bring me (and lead others) to a deeper relationship with God."

Christine Klein, MAT Christine Klein, MAT
First-Grade Spanish Immersion Teacher, Atkinson Elementary School, Portland

"I was able to build a relationship with my classmates and professors that aided in my development as a teacher. I felt as though I had a support system of people who really cared about me, knew me, and wanted me to succeed. Most students in the program, like myself, had graduated with our undergrad degrees five years or more before starting the program. The fact that the program was so short really helped me make the decision to sign up and go for it.

"Completion of my MAT program at George Fox has changed my identity. I consider being a teacher to be one of the most important aspects of my life."