Amy Dee

Amy Dee, EdD

Professor of Education



Doctor of Education, Educational Foundations and Leadership
George Fox University. Dissertation title: Differentiated Instruction in the Work Sample: A Study of Preservice Teacher Practice

Master of Arts, Educational Administration
Administrative Services Preliminary Credential
University of San Francisco
Thesis Project: A Qualitative Analysis of the Hiring Processes for New Teachers: An Emphasis on Retention Including Restructuring

Bachelor of Arts, Social Science with a concentration in Child Development
California Multiple Subject Credential
San Jose State University

Professional Experience: Higher Education

Director of Master of Arts in Teaching, Full Time Format: George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon. 2015 – present.
Director of Accreditation, Assessment and Licensure: George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon. 2010-2016.
Director of Curriculum and Assessment, MAT: George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon. 2009-2011.
Associate Professor: George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon. 2008 - present. 

Visiting Professor: Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon. 2006 - 2008. 

Adjunct Professor: Linfield College, McMinnville, Oregon. 2004 - 2006. 

Higher Education Teaching Experience

Overview of Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methodology (MEDU 530), The course introduces students to research as a way of thinking for classroom or school improvement.  Students learn to search databases, analyze data, identify and summarize results to inform educational decisions.  George Fox University, 2015.

Classroom Assessment (EDFL 503), The course prepares classroom teachers to use a wide variety of methods for assessing student progress at the classroom and individual level. Students develop assessment instruments and procedures that relate to their own disciplines such as portfolios, rubrics, and other forms of authentic assessment. George Fox University, 2012-2013.

Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (EDFL 509), The course prepares professors to develop a repertoire of strategies appropriate for face-to-face instruction for adult learners. A focus on curriculum, planning, instruction and assessment provides students with knowledge of how to successfully teach at the college or university level. George Fox University, 2012.

Special Topics (EDFL 515), This course for doctoral candidates focuses on creativity in education in an era of standards-based and high-stakes testing. Students prepare a project authorizing educators and students in unique settings and write about the results. George Fox University, 2009-2010.

The Professional Educator (EDUG 501), An introductory course focusing on the qualities of an ethical and professional educator and the definition of effective education. George Fox University, 2008-2011.

Structures for Teaching and Learning (EDUG 502), This foundational course leads to mastery in lesson planning and the use of instructional strategies. The concepts, skills, and practices for applying standards to unit and lesson planning are developed. The course moves students towards Teacher Standards and Practice Commission requirements for initial teacher licensure. George Fox University, 2013.

Teaching Diverse and Special Populations (EDUG 503), The course provides a framework for approaching the multiplicity of students and diverse needs within a general education classroom with an emphasis on culture and special education. George Fox University, 2011-2013.

Issues in Human Development- EC/EL (EDUG 510), Major theories in child development, developmentally appropriate practice, and social and cultural influences on development lead candidates to application of theory to practice. George Fox University, 2008-2012.

Action Research I, II, III (EDUG 520-522), The series covers research methods leading to the development of an action research paper. Course covers writing, data collection and analysis. George Fox University, 2008-2013.

Learning Theory (EDUG 530), The course provides a broad foundation of classical learning theories that assists students in formulating a personal leaning theory based on the view of knowledge, the learner, and the role of the teacher. George Fox University, 2009.

Practicum III Supervision (EDUG 577), Provide guidance and coaching in instructional methods and strategies, advise with curricula and lesson planning, mentor in the area of professional relationships. George Fox University, 2009-2011.

The Graduate Seminar (EDUG 590), Students prepare for full-time teaching through the exploration of current issues and dilemmas, professional behaviors, ethics, and employment skills. George Fox University, 2008-2011.

Foundations of Education (EDU 150), A broad introduction to the American educational institution including history, curriculum, philosophies, finance, law, and current trends. School-community relationships and professional organizations are an integral part of the course. Linfield College, 2006-2008.

Introduction to Middle Level and High School Teaching (EDU 280), A course that covers methods, philosophies, educational programs and management found in middle level and high school classrooms. Cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of the student at this level is examined. Linfield College, 2007-2008.

Multicultural Education (EDU 302), Issues relating to the school-society relationship revolving around diversity, students with special needs, philosophy, religion, politics, cultural identity, and sociology are examined. Writing Intensive. Linfield College, 2006- 2007.

General Methods and Management (EDU 305), Classroom teaching techniques and methods, lesson planning, implementing instruction, assessment, using resources, classroom management, and writing the work sample. Linfield College, 2007-2008.

Content Area Literacy for Middle and High Schools (EDU 420), The course covered strategies and theories in the area of reading and writing to ensure student achievement in content area classrooms in the middle and high school levels. Making text accessible, study strategies, and the reading process are emphasized. Linfield College, 2007-2008.

Independent Tutorials, Supervise students enrolled in tutorials for courses not currently available in the areas of middle and high school teaching and multicultural education. Linfield College, 2006-2008.

Student Teaching Supervision, (EDU 492, 493, 494), Weekly supervision of part and full time student teachers in elementary, middle and high school placements. Work sample support and guidance in the areas of instruction, planning, methods, strategies, communication, assessment, and curriculum adaptations. Linfield College, 2004-2008.

Student Teaching Seminar (EDU 496), Student teachers interact with topics designed to promote personal classroom effectiveness and career growth. Linfield College, 2005-2006.



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Articles  - Submitted and Awaiting Acceptance

Dee A. L., & Tran, Y (2018) Preparing candidates with fidelity: edTPA support with a dissenting mindset. The New Educator.

Book chapters

Dee, A. L. (2012). Grace. In A. Dee & G. Tiffin (Eds.), Faithful education: Themes and values for teaching, learning, and leading. Eugene: Wipf and Stock.                           

Book reviews

Dee, A. L. & Foster, A.G. (2014). Those Who Can, Teach: Teaching as a Christian Vocation, [Review of the book Those Who Can, Teach: Teaching as a Christian Vocation, S. E. Porter, ed., Pickwick, Eugene, OR. 2013] Journal of Education and Christian Belief, 18(2).

Dee, A. L. (2013). Taking Every Thought Captive, [Review of the book Taking Every Thought Captive: Forty Years of the Christian Scholar’s Review. D.W. King, ed. Abilene Christian University Press, 2011.]  Journal of Education and Christian Belief 17 (2).

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Dee, A.L. (2011). The Role of Religion in 21st-Century Public Schools, [Review of the book The Role of Religion in 21st–Century Public Schools, by Steven P. Jones and Eric C. Sheffield’s. 2009]. The Journal of Education and Christian Belief, 15:1.

Dee, A. L. (2010). The Joy of Teaching, [Review of the book The Joy of Teaching: Effective Strategies for the Classroom, by H. Hazel. Wipf and Stock, 2010]. The Journal of Christian Education, 52:1.

Other Scholarly Activities

2015 – 2017: Editorial Board for IICTE.

2012 – Present: Peer Reviewer for The Teacher Educator.

Other publications

Dee, A.L. (2017, May 16). A different definition of survivor. OHSU Onward Blog. Retrieved at

George Fox University NCATE Accreditation Report, (2014). The report represents a lengthy evaluation of programs within the unit using a variety of metrics as evidence of continued improvement and program effectiveness. A website accompanies the report and contains program data and analyses. The individual program reports within the unit accreditation report meet the requirements mandated for TSPC program approval.

George Fox University Special Education Endorsement Program, with Dr. Brenda Morton. A Special Education endorsement program, presented it to the School of Education leadership team, the School of Education, and Teacher Standards and Practices Commission for Approval. Approved by TSPC February 7, 2013.

Master of Arts in Teaching Program New Core for Diverse Learners, with Dr. Brenda Morton. Co-wrote a new core program, which was reviewed by the MAT department, School of Education Leadership Team, and the School of Education. The core program serves as the foundation for courses offered in the approved Special Education Proposal. Approved by SOE Spring, 2013.

Student Publications

Archer, J., Covaciu, S., DeYoung, C. & Hudson, A. (2012). An Examination of Teacher Verses Student Centered Technology Integration in the High School Classroom. Accepted by School Leadership Review.


Dee, A. L. (2016). Faith Prevails. Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon. Delivered February 14.

Dee, A. L. (2015). Sisters in the Desert. Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon. Delivered March 8.

Dee, A. L. (2013). Lost and Found. Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon. Delivered March 10.

Dee, A. L. (2012). Reinventing Icons. Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon. Delivered February 5.

Dee, A. L. (2011) The Elephant in the Sanctuary. Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon. Delivered August 28.

Current Scholarship and Research

Tran, Y. & Dee, A.L. Teacher Identity at Christian Institutions.

Dee, A. L. The Curriculum of Clinical Practice: The Learning Progression of
Preservice Teachers.

Dee, A. L. & Morton, B. Teacher Presence: Qualities that Matter.

Conference Presentations

Tran, Y. & Dee, A. L. (2017). Enhancing edTPA with formative experiences: Supporting candidates for success. National edTPA Conference. November, 2017.

Dee, A. L., Lynn, Herrera, H., Lynn, M., Morton, B., Pogue, T. (2016).  The DIY movement to diversify the teacher workforce. CAEP conference, March, 2016.

Dee, A. L. & Morton, B. (2016).  Leading the profession: Preparing teacher candidates for professional evaluation defined by Senate Bill 290. Poster session with Master of Arts in Teaching Full-time format students. Oregon Association of Teacher Educators. February, 2016.

Dee, A. L. & Morton, B. (2016).  Teacher candidates, school districts, and Oregon Senate Bill 290: Partnering and preparing for effectiveness. AILACTE. February, 2016.

Morton, B., Dee, A., & Headley, S. (2015). Creating mutually beneficial university – school district partnerships: A unique collaborative model to develop Special Education teachers. For presentation at the annual American Association of Teacher Educators, March, 2016.

Dee, A. L., & Morton, B. (2015). Why is free public education so expensive?: An exploration of social justice in elementary schools. For presentation at the annual meeting of the Northwest Association of Teacher Educators, June, 2015.

Dee, A. L., & Putnam, B. (2015). Teacher Candidates and SB 290: Preparing for Effectiveness. For presentation at OACTE, March, 2015.

Morton, B. & Dee, A. L. (2015). Liberal Arts Mission and Professional Programs: A Dichotomy Unfounded. For presentation at the annual meeting of AILACTE, February, 2015.

Dee, A. L., Morton, B. & Headley, S. (2015). Community Connections: Uniting to Recruit, Prepare and Support New EducatorsFor presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, February, 2015.

Morton, B. & Dee, A L. (2015). Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness: Addressing the Gender Gap. For presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of Teacher Educators, February, 2015. 

Dee, A. L., & Morton, B. (2014). Admissions Metrics: A Red Herring in Educator Preparation? AACTE, Indianapolis, ID.  

Dee, A. L., & Morton, B. (2013). Rethinking the Core Program: Preparing Classroom-Ready Educators for a Multiplicity of Learners. AACTE. Orlando, FL.

Morton, B., & Dee, A. L. (2013). Evaluating Program Content: How teacher education prepares classroom-ready candidates for a multiplicity of learners. ATE. Atlanta, GA.

Samek, L., Berardi, A., Espinor, D., Song, S., White, W., Dee, A. L., Morton, B., Bearden, S. (2012, June). From Cosmetic to Metabolized Change: Promoting Paradigm Shifts in a Dominant Culture University. Presented at 12th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations. Vancouver, Canada.

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Dee, A. L. (2009). Proceedings from ORATE: Theory into Practice: What the Work Sample Reveals for Students Who Need Differentiation. Salem, OR.

Dee, A. L. & Harrison, S. (2009). Proceedings from Association of Rural Special Education: Differentiated and Inclusionary Instruction: From Theory into Practice in a Pre-service Teacher Education Program. Denver, CO.

Previous Teaching Experience and Related Employment

Director of Christian Education – Southminster Presbyterian Church, Beaverton, Oregon. Responsible for the operation of a comprehensive program from nursery through the sixth grade including parent education. Hired and trained a Co-Director of Christian Education. Hired and trained nursery staff. Recruited and trained a volunteer staff of teachers. Evaluated and implemented curriculum. Developed a parent education program. Wrote and managed budget.

Consultant – Beaverton, Oregon.
Provided counsel and training to parents needing to advocate effectively within the public school system. Evaluated suitability of student placements and value of interventions written in Individual Educational Programs. Served as an advocate for students and families at IEP meetings and school conferences. Provided or secured tutoring for students in reading and mathematics.

Vice-Principal – Rolling Hills Middle School, Campbell Union School District, Campbell. California. Responsible for the instructional program, staff evaluations, student schedules, budget, discipline, staff development, School Improvement Plan, and parent support. Prepared the school and staff for program evaluations that led to the classification of National Distinction.

Principal – Academic Summer School, Forest Hill School, Campbell California.
Hired and supervised staff. Developed and coordinated an academic program to meet the needs of elementary students. Managed budget and evaluated program.

Title VII Coordinator – Campbell Union School District, Campbell California. Administrator of the Title VII Grant. Coordinated and developed staff in-services and training for all district teachers assuring accessibility of curriculum by language minority students. Coordinated and implemented English language classes for parents of students. Managed budget and personnel. Wrote second year grants and extensions allowing for an increased awareness of the special needs of English language learners in a district following an inclusion and collaborative model.

Teacher – Campbell Union School District, Campbell, California.
Responsible implementing a variety of instructional methods and strategies, curriculum evaluation, discipline, organization, student evaluation. Taught first, second and fourth grades.

Teacher – Evergreen School District, San Jose, California.
Sixth grade teacher. Developed lessons and modified curriculum to meet the needs of a wide range of student abilities and languages in a K-12 school setting located in a developing area of the city.

Professional Service

State Data Task Force Committee: Oregon Education Investment Board. 2014-present.

TSPC Teacher Work Sample Committee: The committee was charged with a new Teacher Work Sample Rubric for adoption by the state of Oregon and Teacher and Standards Practices Commission. Rubric was peer-reviewed by all Oregon Institutions of Colleges of Teacher Education Programs. 2013.

Program review of University of Portland, TSPC/NCATE. Oregon 2012

Program review of Lewis and Clark College for TSPC, Oregon. 2011.

Panel Participant for TSPC conference on program review. 2012.

Served on committee to reviewer approval process for TSPC, 2011.

University Service

George Fox University Assessment Committee, 2012-present.

MAT Admissions Committee, 2009-present.

School of Education Diversity Committee, 2009-2013.

Faculty Third Year Review Committees, 2011, 2012, 2014.

EDFL Doctoral Dissertation committees, 2010-2012.

Core Theme Committee: Professional Preparation, 2012-2013.

Community Service

Chair, Personnel Committee, Valley Community Presbyterian Church, 2011-present. Community Volunteer, Beaverton School District Clothes Closet, 2008 – present.

Ordained Elder, Valley Community Presbyterian Church, Classes of 2008 and 2015. Liaison for Youth Programs and Personnel Committee. Portland, Oregon.

Volunteer, Habitat for Humanity.

West Valley Consortium Program Review – Participated in the School Improvement Program reviews of schools in neighboring districts. Campbell, California.

Professional Development

Continuing Education

Harvard Graduate School of Education, Performance Assessment in Higher Education. 2012.

NCATE/CAEP National Conference, 2012

AACTE National Conference, 2012, 2013

ATE National Conference, 2012, 2013

ORATE Regional Conference, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013

CCSS Regional Workshop, November 2011

TSPC Assessment Conference, November 2010, 2013

AACTE Leadership Conference, June 2010

NCATE Conference, Virginia, September 2010

NCATE Conference, Georgia, April 2011

Scholarship Forum, SOE, George Fox University

ACRES conference, March 2009

Oregon ASCD winter conference, February 2008

Women and Minorities in Leadership Symposium – George Fox University

Oregon State University – Completed course on Discrimination and the Oregon Educator

The English Language Acquisition Consortium – Successfully completed the ESL Academy

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education American Education Research

Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development

Association of Teacher Educators

Recent Honors

Faculty Achievement Award for Graduate Teaching, George Fox University, 2009 – 2010.

Kappa Delta Pi Teacher of the Year for the Linfield Chapter, 2008.